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Oct 28, 2011 10:22 PM

Where can I buy milk powder in the Bay Area?

Just picked up the new Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook. Recipes call for milk powder. They are a stickler for full fat products. Where can I buy "Whole Milk Powder" in the bay area?

Is milk powder the same as dry milk?

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  1. I went looking for powdered milk made from whole milk (aka whole milk powder) a couple of years ago. Most powdered milk is nonfat, because the fat makes it spoil more easily. I found the whole milk versions at Indian markets -- there are several brands, mostly made in New Zealand for the Indian market.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Thanks. I'll check out the indian market

      1. re: Bite_Me

        Also check Mexican markets. I bought some at Mi Pueblo in EPA for making Crack Pie.

        1. re: emily

          Nido is Nestle's brand that is common in Hispanic markets. I've even seen it at Walmart. I've also seen it with a KLIM label at 99Ranch.

          1. re: paulj

            Right I should have checked 99 Ranch. One right down the street from me...duh!

            99 Ranch
            4299 Rosewood Dr, Pleasanton, CA 94588

          2. re: emily

            Aah crack pie yummy! I love crack! Working on the cornflake marshmallow cookies and grapefruit pit next. Trying to source passion fruit puree, 1 lb brick of plugra, and Patisse vanilla extract

            1. re: Bite_Me

              I buy frozen passionfruit puree from Crossroads World Market in Mt. View.

              Crossroads World Market
              720 San Antonio Rd, Palo Alto, CA

        2. re: Ruth Lafler

          As you said found it at the indian market on University in Berkeley.

        3. Rainbow Grocery bulk section.

          Ruth reported four brands at Milan a couple of years ago. They have the widest selection of Indian spices etc. I've found.

          If it's made in New Zealand, they might have it at Mangals.

          Milan International
          990 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710

          Mangal's Market
          1699 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Didn't go to Milan but wound up at another Indian spot on Univeristy and found it there. Thanks

          2. I buy milk powder for yogurt making at Monterey Market in Berkeley. I will check to see if it is full fat and let you know.

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            1. Thanks Guys found it at Bombay Grocery on Univeristy in Berkeley. $6 for a box seemed a little pricey but I needed it