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Oct 28, 2011 10:22 PM

Food Trucks on Sunday

I'll be on a boat trip to Georgetown Harbor on Sunday and am trying to figure out where to grab a quick (but yummy) bite once there. Are any foodtrucks operating in early afternoon on a Sunday? Other recommended options?

The marathon will be going on so I'm hoping to limit having to deal with the traffic diversions and/or crowds on public transit.

Many thanks.

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    1. re: biscuit

      As Biscuit said you'll have to check the above site (or a similar one run by Washingtonian) to see where the trucks will be. If you have a particular truck in mind you can also go straight to their Twitter site to see where they are.

      Otherwise I would grab some tapas at Bodega. Service can be pretty quick and the food there is good. I particularly like the chicken croquettas. Order as much or as a little as you want. Not far from the harbor.

      Otherwise you can grab some sandwiches or other treats at Dean and Deluca.

    2. Go to Muncheez Mania and have a Nana's Original: zaatar and labne on a fresh flat bread. And a stop at Baked and Wired for a cupcake or smores bar. Delicious.
      There are never food trucks in Georgetown anyways.