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Kelsey's memories

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So a group of us got to talking about Paul Prudhomme "disciples" Frank Brigsten and Greg Sonnier, when one of the more astute in our midst said "Don't forget about Randy Barlow and Kelsey's, that place was so good!" All of a sudden this place that I hadn't thought of in years came flooding back into my consciousness, both the original on the West Bank and the later incarnation on Magazine Street. But I wonder, does anyone know where he is these days? If he's cooking in New Orleans he gets ZERO publicity! Did he and Kevin Graham skip town together?!

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  1. Found this on google...........


    "Barlow opened Kelsey’s (named after his daughter) in 1991. Customers — he has a large local fan base that has followed him to The Red Maple — and critical acclaim came his way almost immediately. "

    Red Maple Restaurant
    1036 Lafayette Street
    Gretna, Louisiana 70053
    (504) 367-0935 - http://www.theredmaple.com/

    So let us know if you try it..........

    Red Maple Restaurant
    1036 Lafayette Street, Gretna, LA 70053

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      Barlow has been gone from the Red Maple for quite some time. Last I heard, he was working as a private corporate chef for someone in the oilfield services industry (I can't remember who it was).

      RE:Graham, I thought he opened a place in Taos a few years ago, but I don't know if he's still there.

      Red Maple Restaurant
      1036 Lafayette Street, Gretna, LA 70053

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        I used to go to Kelsey's all the time but always had the feeling that Randy Barlow was very restless, he never stayed in one place too long. Before Kelsey's he had another restaurant uptown but I can't remember the name .....

      2. I used to work for Chef Randy on the BEST BANK and what a treat that was ,i have been in the buisness since 86 and have become a Chef to my surprise as i never thought being a Chef would be my life long career, as i think about it i laugh and can just picture Chef Randy Barlow telling me now that he knew this was my calling and saying ( I told you so ) and credit Chef Randy with my inspiration and cooking style that has delighted and pleased many people in my cooking travels throughout the east coast from Key West Fl. to Marthas Vineyard with customers writting comment cards to the restaurant pleading ( Please dont let the chef go!!!! Finally a restaurant with flavor!!! And send me all your recipes from down south! ) THANK YOU CHEF BARLOW for all of your inspiration!!! I tried to contact Chef Randy at the Red Maple just a few weeks ago to say hi and play catch up and was told that that he hasnt worked there since Katrina and is working on a fishing boat that was his true love fishing!! I remember leaving work at Kelseys and his truck would be outside with his boat in tow ready to go fishing after 16 hours cooking at the restaurant unbeliveable!!!! He is where his heart truley is ,Hope to see you on the water sometime Chef, one of my favorite dishes he did was deep fried soft shell crab he pumped full of Choron sauce.God Bless!!