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Oct 28, 2011 08:25 PM

Paddy Long's bacon tasting?

We have a certificate for 1/2 off their bacon and beer tasting. This is heaven for me but my wife
pretty much hates beer. She can stomach a sip or two while doing the tasting but that's about it.

I need to hear from someone who has done this. How much beer and bacon do you get? Were you full and drunk or still thirsty and hungry when done with the tasting? If still hungry, how's the rest of the food on the menu? Any impressions and thoughts will be a big help.

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  1. I haven't done the beer & bacon tasting, but I've been there multiple times, mainly for lunch as I worked nearby. I actually had one of my going away parties there last November *sniff sniff*. The food is pretty good, definitely one of the better "bar" type menus in the area. I like the moo & oink chicken sandwich. I did do the bacon sampler appetizer once, and everything on it was quite tasty and could have easily been my entire lunch. Great beer selections too, but I have no idea what your wife would drink if she doesn't like beer, since it's very much a "beer and meat" kind of place. The owner who is often bartending is super cool though, and could probably come up w/ some alternatives for her though. The only other thing to be aware of is the bar gets a little "bro-ish" at night, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, but that's to be expected in that neighborhood.

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      She does love cider and any respectable pub has two or three available.

      I guess the point I'm trying to make is with regard to the beer part of the tasting. If each beer is 12oz or a pint and my wife just has a sip or two...that's a lot of beer going to waste as I can't drink mine and hers too and be able to walk :)

      1. re: hoppy2468

        Ah I see. Walking does help...sometimes. I would shoot the owner an email through their website. He's good at responding and friendly.