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Oct 28, 2011 04:27 PM

The Mayflower

Hi. My wife and I are going in January. Should we eat on site or go out? If there are no proximate options, how is the food at the Mayflower?

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  1. Have always had great meals there! Enjoy!

    1. Dining at the Mayflower is part of the experience of staying there. The last time we went for dinner, both the food and service were very good.

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      1. re: coldduck

        Thanks. Is the restaurant on par with fine dining in NYC, or just servicable but nice country inn fare? We loved Inn at Little Washington, and while I don't expect the food to be at that level, is it worth the freight?

        1. re: GyroBall

          It's a step above typical country inn fare but a step (or two) below Inn at Little Washington, which is one of the best restaurants in the country. If you are watching every little detail, I suppose the Mayflower dining room could turn out to be a little disappointing, given the room rates. If you can relax, it's perfectly fine.

      2. GyroBall..Hope this is not too late. I would interested to hear your reviews. We had dinner their last night. As always, the service is notch and totally professional. The Heirloom Tomato Salad is wonderful...This is served as a roll with fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, heirloom tomatoes, croutons and a light but tasty pesto sauce. just the right size. My hubby tried the Mayflower Salad. This was served with romaine lettuce rather than iceberg and Maytag blue and bacon bits. Better with iceberg. The seabass entree was served with crispy kale, coucous and turnips, each flavor was distinct. This is a light , fresh, spa-inspired dish and I enjoyed it - probably the lightest entree on the winter menu. The briased lamb shank
        was earthy, rich and just out of this world. It is served on the bone with a dollop of yogurt and fresh mint. Is it worth the can find better in the area but the ambiance is hard to beat..cozy beautifully appointed upscale New england Inn.