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Oct 28, 2011 03:10 PM

Late Sunday brunch at Lacroix?

Is it worth doing Sunday brunch at Lacroix if the only reservation we can get is 1:45PM? Brunch runs until 2:30PM. Is all the good stuff gone by then, and will we feel under pressure to finish up quickly?

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  1. You will not be slighted in the least. They are first class and everything will be amazing.

    1. Had the late seating twice, will not redo. Things were getting a bit tired and as we were there a long time, stuff was being broken down before we got to it. l am sure they would have given us whatever we wished, but compared to an early seating, big difference. It is one of my two fav buffets in the country but l would not do late, just my personal opinion.

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        Wow Deluca! That is disappointing to hear. We have arrived for a 1:30 reservation a few times and have not had that experience. We tend to book for holiday occasions, and that could make a difference.

      2. Had brunch there recently and saw several parties arrive at 1:30 or later. From what we observed
        there was still plenty of everything and the service was first class. Although we arrived a little after noon, many folks came in later. Brunch was excellent in every way.

        1. Went recently and could only get a 2 pm reservation. I had the same worry, but everything was completely wonderful. We stayed for 2.5 hours, and nothing was broken down, nor were we rushed.

          Ask for a seat at the window with a view of Rittenhouse Square!

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            Went to brunch last month at 1:30. There was plenty of food. The staff was constantly adding food until we left at 3pm. There was no difference from last year when we went at 12 noon.