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Oct 28, 2011 02:57 PM

Pulled Pork + Charcoal Grill + Rain & Wind = HELP!

So we are having some people over tomorrow night for our famous pulled pork bbq, but the weather will NOT be cooperating with us. It's supposed to rain most of the day, not to mention 15-20mph winds. Any tips for in-climate weather smoking on a charcoal grill would be appreciated!!

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  1. Unless you're in a true downpour the rain shouldn't be much of a factor. As to the wind, try rolling your grill to as protected an area as possible. I can't find it at the moment, but somewhere on the Virtual Weber Bulletin Board there's a whole thread dedicated to photographs of amazing set-ups people have created to smoke in the winter. I believe they're all using the Smokey Mountain, but much of it should be adaptable for a regular grill. At the very least you can do something like the attached.

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      Thank you so much for your reply - my husband thought we were doomed. Luckily the grill is on the back side of the house and the wind will be blowing in the opposite direction, so we may be OK there. I do like that picture you posted though. Great idea!

      I'm more worried about the rain - it's supposed to be a steady rain, heavy at times. Should I keep the vents open for more air flow...ya know, to keep the temp up?

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        If you are using the fuse method in a regular 22" Weber the vents should be open in any case

    2. Yep. A wind baffle of plywood or mdf is your easiest and cheapest first line of defense. The key is keeping the wind off the unit. The rain is easier to repel and heat is usually lost less with the rain too.

      I have an elec. Brinkmann I call R2-D2 and have fashioned a nice wrap out of thermal aerospace blankets and some duct and alum. tape that allows me to smoke in temps down to about 20 degrees F.

      Anything above freezing and I just need the little Russian Ushanka style foil hat on the lid to keep temp stable. LOL but true.

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      1. I have smoked in bad weather. Snow can be an issue, too :) Watch the fire and try to keep it at the usual temp. I wrapped my smoker in Reflectix brand aluminized mylar insulation. Watch the fire: e_i_p's fence looks good. Protect the smoke vent -- you don't want rain to get in, but you want to be able to vent as you usually do.

        Start early. Get some smoke on the meat. Then, if you need to, finish in a low oven. Or, if done a bit early you can FTC that puppy for a while. Just watch the temps of the smoker/grill and the meat. Don't rush it.

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          Thanks everyone!! We started the pork (and we're doing brisket too) at 7:30 and got a good smoke on before the rain started. We're going to see how long we can last before the weather gets too bad.

          Thanks again for all of your tips! I'll post some pictures when it's done :)

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            Please do! Best of luck! I'm sure it'll be as great as usual.