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Oct 28, 2011 02:16 PM

In Phil for one night

Where would someone go who is on business and alone for a night and wants to sit at the bar and eat at a "hot" upscale restaurant ?

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    1. Bibou, can't do better than a spot at the counter.

      1. Many of the great restaurants have bar seating that offers good service and the full menu. Bibou is great but BYOB might be awkward for a lone diner and it's a bit outside of Center City. In Center City and with a liquor license you can get bar seats at Barbuzzo, Zahav, Amada and others.

        1. Depends what you mean by upscale. Philly restaurants tend towards the casual. For "hot" depending on where in the city you are, I'ld go Village Whiskey, Barclay Prime, Amada, Barbuzzo or Zahav.