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Oct 28, 2011 01:54 PM

Turkey Dinner?

Okay, my family doesn't eat or cook turkey at home. Do any restaurants serve traditional turkey dinners as a regular menu or seasonal option?

Thanks :)

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  1. Not sure about this one, but I'm the type who likes turkey dinner several times a year, and I hit up "Roasty Jack's" in the basement foodcourt near Holt's on Bloor. The turkey is really good, you get a couple of choices of sides, and yeah, you're outta there for under $10!

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    1. re: childofthestorm

      +1 for Roasty Jacks, fresh every day., but expect plastic cutlery and styrofoam plates.

      -1 for Tulip, the turkey meat was frozen then barely warmed up.

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        Do they have stuffing and gravy? I'm always getting cravings for turkey dinner. So easy to find in the States; just about every diner offers it on the menu.

        1. re: Tatai

          Yes stuffing and gravy, but both a little on the blander side. Also boiled carrots, corn, beans etc.

          You can also get the meat on a Caesar salad instead.

          The only thing is that I heard that whole food court is going away, and they will be missed.

          1. re: Teep

            Thanks everyone - yeah I am looking for the tradtional meal with gravy and stuffing and sides !

            Would be nice if it was a sit down place instead of a fast food joint. :)

            Maybe close to xmas, some of the restos will be offering Turkey ?

      2. you could always do take home from this place
        they do a smoked turkey there

        1. All I can think of off hand is Watts in Eglinton Square; I don't know if it's on their every-day menu or a daily special, but I've had it and it was good. It's a pretty basic family-style restaurant, but the food's always been good when I've been there.

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            A friend told me he had a great T-giving turkey dinner at a restaurant at Broadview and Danforth. Not sure if it is a regular menu item. North of Danforth, east side of the street just past the Broadview subway station.

            1. re: MargieEv

              Has anyone tried the Thanksgiving special at Peartree? They are having one for American thanksgiving

          2. Allen's on the Danforth is doing their annual American Thanksgiving dinner. Can't believe I didn't remember it, as I ordered this a few years ago. A bit spendy but delicious.

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              Hemingways in Yorkville also does a solid American Thanksgiving dinner that includes dessert for $17. It runs from Nov 24th to 26th.