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Oct 28, 2011 01:34 PM

new product awards awarded for kosherfest

Best Overall New Product
Tishbi Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champagne Preserves
Fruit of the Land
Booth #645-A

Best New Beverage
Sparkling Ayala's Herbal Water
Herbal Water - Sterling Sales
Booth #146

Best New Bread, Grain, Cereal, or Cracker
Sliced Artisan Slider Rolls
Tribeca Oven, Inc.
Booth #638

Best New Candy
Rabbi Mints Classic Kosher Mints
CJ Global - Rabbi Mints Classic Kosher Mints
Booth #138

Best New Desserts/Baked Goods or Sweets
Mango Gourmet Italian Ice
Booth #347

Best New Dips, Spreads, Salsas
Sabra Guacamole
Booth #311

Best New Frozen Entrée
Ta'amti Meat Flavor MEATLESS Bourekas
Booth #311

Best New Giftware or Novelty Item
The Royal Challah™ Silicone Bakeware Pan
The Kosher Cook LLC
Booth #206

Best New Jam or Preserve
Tishbi Passion Fruit Champagne Preserve
Fruit of the Land
Booth #645-A

Best New "Kosher for Passover" Product
MIKEE Mango Duck Sauce
Exotic Sauce Packaging, Inc.
Booth #100

Best New Meat/Seafood/Poultry Item
Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken Sausage
Jack's Gourmet
Booth #651

Best New Pasta, Rice, Beans or Soup
Gezunt Gourmet Pastas
Bruno Specialty Foods, Inc.
Booth #537

Best New Savory & Salty Snack Food
Bamba Halva - Peanut Snack with Sesame Cream Filling
Booth #419

Best New Savory Condiment, Spice, Sauce, Oil, Vinegar, Dressing or Marinade
Fresh Frozen Pesto cubes
Dorot Foods, Inc.
Booth #311

Best New Wine, Beer or Spirit
Fincas Marumatok Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec
Marumatok S.A.
Booth #619 & 711

Best New Cheese or Dairy Item
Sugar River Cheese
Anderson International Foods
Booth #149

fyi: Ayala water has been around for several, and Sugar River cheese has been around for (I believe) 6+ years, so how "new" could these products be?

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  1. I noticed today in the grocery store that Sugar River Cheese have at least 3 new cheeses including parmesan cheese (aged 18 months).

    1. Halva flavored Bamba? oh dear...

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      1. re: SoCal Mother

        LOL. I wonder if they make the same noise as the regular Bamba as they crunch beneath the wheels of a stroller.

      2. Sabra guacamole? Really? Tried it a couple of time and it was AWFUL.

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        1. re: singingfoodie

          Agreed. I've never found any packaged guacamole that I liked, even before going kosher and when I lived in an area full of fresh avocados.