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Oct 28, 2011 01:14 PM

Your Favorite Petite Sirah

Although I have not had very many I am finding PS to be one of favorite varietals.
So far this what I have had:

Bogle - OK for $13

Vina Robles - Tasted at winery. Good but didn't think it was worth the price.

J Lohr Tower Road 2006 - Tasted and bought a bottle at winery was expensive I think around $40

Derby Estate 2006 - Just picked up a bottle at local wine shop for $10, might try it tonight.

Please post what your favorites are.

( I am also liking 100% grenache a lot but let's save that for another time)

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  1. Sean Thackrey's.

    As for the Grenache, I lean towards Spain's Priorat and Montsant.

    1. Bogle PS is widely available for $10 or so in the San Francisco area and is a good value at that price.
      Concannon makes a good PS that should sell around $12 to $14.
      Foppiano in Sonoma County specializes in PS and theirs sells in the $15-$20 range.

      1. Storrs Winery, Santa Cruz Mtns. AVA*
        Ridge Vineyards, California (Sonoma)
        T-Vine, Napa Valley AVA

        On the less expensive side, I'd second the suggestions of Bogle, Concannon and Foppiano.


        * The 1994 vintage won "Best of Show" at the California State Fair -- the first Petite Sirah to ever do so.

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          Concur on Bogle, Concannon and Foppiano. Turley on the higher end is also great. A bit off the radar but I've loved Field Stone's PS many times, too.

          1. re: zin1953

            Is T-Vine still as good after Greg sold it?

            1. re: M_and_H

              Greg sold it in 2009; current vintage of PS is 2008, ***and*** the winemaker remains the same.

              From their website:

              >>> In 2009, a partnership by three friends and fellow vintners – Jim Regusci, Chuck Easley and James Harder – was formed to acquire T-Vine Cellars with the goal of carrying on the T-Vine traditions and enhancing and adding a few interesting grape/vineyard sources for the winemaking team. The T-Vine winemaker / head cellar master for over 10 years, Fernando Candelario remains at the helm and continues to craft the wines and oversee all aspects of winemaking. <<<

              1. re: zin1953

                I've really loved their wine since the early days. This sounds like it's definitely worth it to continue purchasing their wines.

          2. Stags' Leap Winery makes a very good Napa Valley PS that is on the pricier side.

            1. The Bogle seems to be a very solid choice at a low price point. One that I've loved recently - especially as I can really only stand Petite Sirah's that are a bit softer in style - is Sheldon's 2006 PS. I picked some up on my last trip to California. They don't make much wine, period (it's a garage-style operation in Santa Rosa) but there is still some available direct: