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Oct 28, 2011 12:13 PM

Has anyone seen black garlic in LA area supermarkets?

Hi All,
Saw a killer recipe for octopus that involves black garlic. I've been hearing about this stuff but haven't been able to source it yet, other than mail order for over $30/lb. Has anyone seen it in markets? Preferrably Silver Lake adjacent?

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  1. When the general press started talking about it - maybe a year ago?- I saw it next to the regular garlic at Pavillions (Vons) in Rolling Hills Estates. Maybe call your local Vons/Pavillions. My recollection is that it was not over the top pricey. I think I may have seen it at a Korean market a while ago so that might be a source as well

    1. I know it's been over two years, but Trader Joe's has it now. I hope you still need it, and buy it from them, because apparently it hasn't been selling well in the stores because they haven't really promoted it, and their customers have no idea what to do with it. The stuff is an absolute revelation, and the best new ingredient I've found in years.

      Also, evidently Surfa's in Culver City gets it from time to time.

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          It tastes like "garlic light" with a slightly roasted flavor.

          I've only used it once, in a stew. I loved that it just popped out of the "husk" because I hate it when my fingers smell like garlic.

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            I just went to the Home Cooking Board and found many relevant posts. Here are the two most recent.



        2. Saw some yesterday at Whole Foods on Arroyo. Was curious but not enough to get some. I've somehow missed hearing or reading about it, so I'll echo jessejames's query.

          1. This had peaked by curiosity. What to do with it? Should I take this request to the Home Cooking Board?

            BTW I just called my local TJ. They have had it for two months and it is not selling a lot in my local store. The manager said it must be selling well in the stores overall or the prduct would have been dropped.

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              It tastes like a slightly nutty Balsamic Vinegar gumdrop with a hint or roasted garlic, but not a strong garlic flavor. It's a little sweet. Not spicy or sharp like regular garlic.

              It breaks up in acid, so I sauté kale in a little coconut oil, add salt & pepper and a few sliced cloves of black garlic and add a splash of Balsamic Glaze or lemon juice. I can go through half a bag of kale in a sitting that way. Haven't tried anything else yet, but saw part of a recipe for roasted cauliflower w/ black garlic and that sounds delish, too. And baby eggplant + B. G. + sesame seeds.

              My friend I turned onto it just slices up the cloves and eats it plain.It's like crack.

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                I added it to a meat and potato "stew" with some Japanese flavors - sake, soy, ginger, and some sliced black garlic. The kale sounds fantastic.

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                SIMIHOUND, I know we walk the same sidewalks.
                Which Trader Joe's did you call that said that they have it?

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                  Liu-I called Simi Valley TJ's. I like to stay local with my shopping if possible but I often end up in Chatsworth at Mason and Devonshire for all that corner has to offer. I like the large Smart and Final stores a lot. My S&F lacks so may items in comparison.

                  2975 Cochran St

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                    Thanks for responding so quickly, SIMIHOUND. My local Trader Joe's is the Westlake Village store; I suspect that they, too, will have it.

              3. Trader Joes in San Diego is carrying it these days...