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Oct 28, 2011 12:04 PM

Old fashioned popcorn balls for Halloween?

I remember as a kid every couple of years you would come across a home that gave out popcorn balls instead of the run of the mill stuff you buy at Walgreens. I would savor that treat and try and remember what house gave it out so I could return there next year. Can any think of a place to buy them in bulk so that I may be that house for some younge trick or treater.

Does anybody else remember going to the Lena's house in Swampscott on Halloween and they would give small subs from the Lena sub shops they owned?

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  1. Those were the first things that got thrown out after my parents inspected the bag of candy we would bring home along with any other non-manufacturer packaged item. Then we would try to remember the house so we could avoid it next year. I guess we grew up in a different age.

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