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Oct 28, 2011 12:04 PM

Best Pollo Asado in Twin Cities?

Help! I am looking for places with great roast chicken in the Twin Cities. My kids are somewhat picky eaters but they will wolf down a good roast chicken. They love Brasa and really like Holy Land for the roast chicken but I want to branch out a little. My holy grail would be a place with good roast chicken they will eat and (ideally) a great Latin/Mexican menu where there are other more exotic things I can sample. Any suggestions?

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  1. Bar la Grassa has a magnificent roast chicken. And superb pasta dishes that can be ordered as large or small plates. Really fantastic starters and bruscetta, as well. There's enough great stuff on that menu to keep foodies going for-freaking-ever.

    Probably not the most kid-friendly place in town, though.

    1. If you find yourself in South St Paul at lunch time try Pollo Campero on South Robert. Its fast food located right next to KFC but tasty none-the-less. I have been there twice and had the fried chiciken and the grilled chicken. I like the fried chicken better than KFC (it didn't have the heavy KFC batter) but I really liked the taste of the grilled chicken. I like the Campero beans too.

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        +1 on Pollo Campero. For the price, their chicken is fantastic. Perfectly roasted, juicy, flavorful, with a great spicing. The Campero beans are great too.