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Oct 28, 2011 11:56 AM

Duck Sausage

I would like to make a lasagna using Duck Sausage and Brie and perhaps chard and would like any suggestions as to what other ingredients to include, as well as what kind of sauce- Tomato? Bechamel? ---

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  1. Completely OT, but wondering if you ever saw the reply to your request for an orange cake with pieces of orange? I was searching for something related and came upon that CH thread. Saw that the recipe was posted twice by the poster and wanted to make sure you had seen it!

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    1. re: sknittymama

      No I hadn't seen the replies - I have been away in Italy and Croatia and am finally getting myself organized.
      Thank you sknittymama - i would have missed them.

      Miss C.

    2. Like this?
      here's another...
      and they talk about it here...
      Some use a bechamel, some a ratatouille... I would shy away from too much tomato, let the duck and brie shine through. I was thinking maybe a cranberry sauce?

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      1. re: wyogal

        Dear wyogal-

        Thank you so much - I live the first brandied duck lasagna as well as your suggestion about cranberry. I am thinking about cranberry with a bit of brandy with bechamel.

        Miss C.