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Oct 28, 2011 11:38 AM

back in the late sixties, chocolate bars were 5cents small and 10cents large

One family on our block gave out large choc. bars, milky ways, macintosh toffee bars, the highlite for sure. Being Canadian we don't say Candy bars, we say choc. bars. and Macintosh toffee was the envy of my American friends, only available in Canada!!!!!

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  1. Being English we say bars of chocolate. sweets are just for sugary colourful things also known as confectionery. Candy is not used in the UK except for candy floss (cotton candy to those in N America). Halloween was unknown when I was growing up, instead known as All Hallows Eve a night for witches and goblins, but no trick or treating and getting dressed up as monsters etc.

    1. ....just give the pack a whack, Jack....
      Remember the jingle? Ahhh, good times!
      I remember the old Wig Wag chocolate bar, the Cinnamon Danish bar (way better than its cousin, the Lemon Danish bar), and of course, Treasures bar....good times....
      Hey, do you remember Softee Toffee from Kraft? Gawd I loved that stuff in its shiny metallic foil wrappings (red was rum and butter! what kind of flavor is that for a little kid, rum and butter...)

      1. When I was a kid my best friend had a British mother. They always brought us Macintosh toffee back for us after trips to see their grandparents in Oxford. More recently, I bought Macintosh toffee on Canadian fishing trips. I was disappointed on the last trip to discover the bar of toffee in the little cardboard box was replaced by pieces of toffee sold by the bag.