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Oct 28, 2011 11:14 AM

this sunday: cheap chow near 6A

Hi All,

This Sunday my chow-minded friend and I are driving down from Boston and doing a scenic drive along 6A. We'll probably get to Sandwich around noon, and continue down 6A. We are looking for cheap and chowish eats, which seems tough right now, because a lot of the roadside fish and clam shacks reccomended on this board seem to be closed.

Specifically: roadside, farmstand or anything you can either eat outside or take to the beach would be ideal. Any farms doing cider doughnuts down here? A great pub with good beer and good food would be good, too. Budget-minded is key. Thanks!

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  1. One farmstand that you might want to check out is Crow Farm at 192 Route 6A in Sandwich. I'm not sure if they have cider donuts, but it sounds as if you'll be driving right by the farm.

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      Where did you end up going, vvrimon?