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Oct 28, 2011 09:27 AM

Escondido Considering a Move to Wine Production

The city of Escondido is "thinking different".

Cooperative wine crushing and supporting the local industry. Very cool move. Let's hope the anti-alcohol wackos don't buy their way in.

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  1. I'd support any move which helps us produce more foods locally. It will no doubt take decades but it's possible we could eventually get some nice locally produced wines.

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      The gentleman mentioned in the article, Chris Broomell, already makes (along with his wife, Alysha Stehly) excellent wines locally. I recommend checking them out: Vesper Vineyards is their main label, and they also make wines for many other projects including Triple B Ranches and Los Pilares.

    2. In the newest issue of Edible SD are also some information about wines and wineries in SD and Temecula