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Oct 28, 2011 08:57 AM

Anyone done the Question of Taste Jamon tour near Seville?

We're traveling to southern Spain next year in June, and I'm intrigued by the jamon tour in the Sierra of Aracena offered by A Question of Taste tours. It's a full day tour--you tour the farm, see how the ham is produced, and then have lunch. It's 150-195 euros/person, depending on how many people you have. It sounds cool, but is pricey--so I'm wondering if anyone else has done it?

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  1. Why don't you just drive to Jabugo and visit one of the jamon factories, then go to Aracena, have lunch there (there are some nice restaurants in town), visit the gruta de las maravilhas (a most fantastic cave) and then back to Sevilla. I promise you it will be cheaper!

    Alternatively, you could stay the night at the Finca Buen Vino just outside Aracena and they will organise it all for you.

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      We weren't planning on having a car--so that'd be a bus to Huelva, then change for Jabugo. I found one website for a jamon factory (Sanchez Romero), but didn't see tour info---are there other factories that give tours? I appreciate your advice...I will have to look into that cave, my son might like that.

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        It is really only feasable if you have a car...
        I found this info about the grotto in Aracena; It is truly spectacular. (includes the Jamon museum)

        You should try contacting or Sanchez Romero and enquire about the possibility of visiting the factory. Or contact the council of Aracena
        Although I have been often to Aracena and Jabugo,I have only once visited a factory (I think it was 5J in Jabugo), but that was 15 years ago... So sorry not to be more precise.