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Oct 28, 2011 08:20 AM

Updates on Vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton

Do you have any updates on the Vietnamese food scene in Edmonton?

Are there any new restaurants worth noting (e.g. the one accross from Ninh Kieu in the old Hoang Long location) or existing ones that are overlooked or have not been reviewed recently ( e.g. Trang Tien accross from the old Mirama)?

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  1. I forgot the name for it. There is one by Ellerslie Crossing. Next block by Zaika

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      1. re: bubblepuffer

        Tien Tuyen.

        I quite like it, but some of my friends don't (I think pho preference might be a little bit of a personal thing). The portions are a little smaller than our standard Pagolac, but the restaurant is nice and the food is tasty. I'd say the pho broth is a little "herbier" than most places I've been to - I like it!

        Their version of the dish where you take the grilled beef and roll it yourself in rice paper with lettuce etc. is really quite good.

      2. Went to Trang Tien (across from the old Mirama) again for lunch today.

        Many changes.. prices have gone up 20-25%, menu changed, staff changes, interior decor changes, and most noticeably, while the soup was good going down, I'm super thirsty right now, having already downed a litre of water since I got back from lunch. Seems like they upped the MSG content in the soup ten-fold.

        Was my favorite, not sure if I'll be going back any time soon. :(

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          I tried the Trang Tien for the first time last Wednesday. I ordered the Bon Bo Hue even though I read somewhere that the original cook had moved on. The soup bowl looked good when it came to the table, nicely arranged with a cabbage mound, and the broth was good but overall it was unremarkable. The noodles were a bit overcooked and lacked texture, the one meat ball i bit into was hard, and the temperature was not as hot as it should have been when first served. Certainly not the best Bon Bo Hue in Edmonton as advertised.

          I might go back and try their vermicelli bowls but the prices on the menu look high when compared to Ninh Kieu and Golden Bird.

        2. Ninh Kieu was good. But now it's even better! The broth is among the best in the city. Helen the affable owner let me know that they've increased the amount of beef bones and cook it for even longer than before. And they don't add msg or much salt at all. This is evident especially after eating an XL bowl and not needing to drink glasses of water afterwards.

          You get plenty of noodles and meat as well. The only thing I miss from Tau Bay is the culantro on the side (not a typo).

          They are open all year so if you have a craving, you can go just about any time unlike Tau Bay. Their hours don't suck like Tau Bay so you can actually eat during supper time! Plus they accept credit cards unlilke Tau Bay.

          1. Although there are a bunch of reviews talking about how Ninh Kieu "used to be better", I still saw quite a number of positive reviews so decided to try it out on Friday.

            What a disappointment.

            Not sure if the recent province-wide beef issues were keeping all their customers away from ordering pho, but the place was very very quiet. Probably less than 10 customers in the whole place, and there was no background music, so it was eerily quiet. The restaurant was freezing and it was obvious the heat wasn't on. Our food was also lukewarm at best. Finally, the server never brought the Vietnamese coffee my wife ordered (but still had it on our bill until I reminded her and got it removed).

            I will not go back.