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Oct 28, 2011 08:18 AM

Restaurant for Thanksgiving

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that will be open for Thanksgiving and that can accommodate a group of approximately 10? Not as pricey as the Ritz or the Fountain. Help, please.

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  1. Buffet or non-buffet? Pre-fix menu or regular menu?

    1. From a review on Open Table, I noticed that Supper is open on Thanksgiving, but I have no idea what they're offering. Parc also seems to be open, but I'm not sure if they'll be doing Thanksgiving fare. Davio's is also open, but I don't know anything about that place.

      Edited to add: Foobooz did a round up last year, it's probably worth check to see if some of these folks are repeating this year:

      1. Supper does a great family style Thanksgiving meal. The menu is here

        $58 per person is a great deal.

        1. The Plough and the Stars does a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner in an historic building. Free-range turkey and all the fixings or alternatives for the renegades.


            not thanksgiving food, but i think han dynasty in old city will be open as well- thats where we're headed. also id imagine a lot of places in chinatown are open

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              We ended up in Chinatown for thanksgiving one year after a kitchen disaster cooking a turkey. I believe we went to Sang Kee and enjoyed a tremendous dinner. Best thing was that parking was a breeze, and it wasn't crowded.