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Oct 28, 2011 07:59 AM

Hillsborough BBQ Company Review

Greg Cox has a review in the N&O:

Sounds like they are still having problems with consistency, but overall a positive review. We'll have to give it another try soon.

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  1. We've tried it three times now, but probably not again. I'm just not that impressed with the chopped pork, especially when this place is so close to Allen & Son. Th brisket can be good (2 out of 3 times it was, the other time it was a train wreck), and the sides and ribs are ok. But, there is just better barbecue close by, and just as much variiety.

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    1. re: fredb2548

      I do hope they can make a go of the place; Keith Allen is not a young man any more and if there's anyone out there willing to take his place when he decides to stop making his Q, I've not heard of it. I'd hate to see this tradition die out in this area.

      1. re: romansperson

        You've uttered the words I fear most. If they aren't serving up Keith Allen's BBQ in heaven should I be lucky enough to get there, it'll be a raw deal.

    2. Just saw on their Facebook page that they plan on offering up smoked turkeys, special order for Thanksgiving. Sounds interesting, I might give them a call about that ...

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        Would that be Hillsborough BBQ or A&S who's offering smoked turkeys?

        1. re: d.v

          Hillsborough BBQ is offering smoked turkey breast, $8.99/lb. I'll be ordering some since we've got guests coming in and the husband only really likes white meat, so it solves some problems for me!