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Oct 28, 2011 07:15 AM

L'Ouvrier Kitchen Bar

My friend noticed a new restaurant called L'Ouvrier Kitchen Bar at Dundas/Bathurst. Has anyone been? Any reviews?

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  1. I have been twice now, once for brunch and once for dinner. Had a traditional breakfast at brunch, quite tasty and the room itself is bright and pretty in the morning.

    Dinner I had a fantastic hot and sour soup that I am still thinking about. Had salmon as my main and it was good, not great – the side was kind of boring. Our table of four tried nearly everything on the menu and all were willing to share. The charcuterie was a dream and I wish I had ordered the steak or burger – both were well above average. Had some kind of chocolate cake for dessert and it was DELICIOUS.

    Servers, while somewhat inexperienced, are earnest about getting it right and attentive to details like ensuring glasses are filled and food is enjoyed. I am definitely going back and feel comfortable recommending the restaurant to some of my pickiest friends.

    1. Is there a night scene at this place on a Friday night?? Can someone describe it?