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Oct 28, 2011 04:42 AM

Pine Kernels

Where do the best pine nuts come from?

Here in the UK several sites on Amazon offer Sumatran Pine Kernels.

I have read recent reports that some on the market today have an unpalatable resinous note.

I have just bought 100gr in Tesco's for about £3.50.

Would it be feasible (better value) to have a 1Kg shipped from the USA?

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  1. Avoid the ones from China, which dominate the market; google "pine mouth". It's a problem with kernels from certain pine species in eastern Asia.

    1. I'd doubt whether importing them from another continent is going to be a good bet. Leaving aside the cost of transatlantic parcel mail, you would have much less control on provenance.

      In 2009 the Food Standards Agency warned of the bitter taste of some imports. This appears to be related to the Chinese product. Might be worth checking out where an organic product like Crazy Jack's come from - should be readily available in the major supermarkets.

      1. Are you going to use a kilo of pine nuts quickly? They are better when they are fresh.
        Avoid the Chinese ones because of the pine mouth problem. The best that I've had were from New Mexico where they were gathered and sold by Indians. The next best were from Italy. Both of these were pretty expensive.
        Last year, I got good ones from Malta that were a good value.