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Oct 28, 2011 12:23 AM

Big Island food sightseeing

We're making a trip to the Big Island shortly and I'd like to know about our food sightseeing/activity options. I'm looking for local food experiences (preferably with tastings) -- farm tours, producer visits, food museums, whatever. I know that there are honey and coffee farm tours -- are there any that are better (more engaging, better tasting) than others? (Also, we need something that is physically easy -- minimal walking, somewhere to sit.)

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  1. manago hotel is a historic location with the best pork chops i have ever had. they are known for it. right next to it is a potato chip company owned by the same family.

    there is an alpaca farm which may have food, i didn't get the chance to stop there.

    not food-related, but you should definitely check out the seahorse farm right next to the kona airport. best event when i went to the big island last time. book your ticket online.

    there are mac nut farm tours with tastings.

      1. Go for the farmer's markets. Waimea has two great ones on Saturday mornings. You'll find more than just local produce - locals go for the shopping, but also to hang out with friends and enjoy breakfast or lunch. Both locations offer fabulous food in an amazing atmosphere. Picinic tables available.

        Also, check out Merriman's Restaurant- also in Waimea. One of the best restaurants on the island. I believe they offer a farm tour - take the tour, then head back to the restaurant to feast!

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