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Big Island food sightseeing

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We're making a trip to the Big Island shortly and I'd like to know about our food sightseeing/activity options. I'm looking for local food experiences (preferably with tastings) -- farm tours, producer visits, food museums, whatever. I know that there are honey and coffee farm tours -- are there any that are better (more engaging, better tasting) than others? (Also, we need something that is physically easy -- minimal walking, somewhere to sit.)

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  1. manago hotel is a historic location with the best pork chops i have ever had. they are known for it. right next to it is a potato chip company owned by the same family.

    there is an alpaca farm which may have food, i didn't get the chance to stop there.

    not food-related, but you should definitely check out the seahorse farm right next to the kona airport. best event when i went to the big island last time. book your ticket online.

    there are mac nut farm tours with tastings.

    1. http://www.hawaiianvanilla.com/

      1. Go for the farmer's markets. Waimea has two great ones on Saturday mornings. You'll find more than just local produce - locals go for the shopping, but also to hang out with friends and enjoy breakfast or lunch. Both locations offer fabulous food in an amazing atmosphere. Picinic tables available. http://www.slowfoodhawaii.org/local/k...

        Also, check out Merriman's Restaurant- also in Waimea. One of the best restaurants on the island. I believe they offer a farm tour - take the tour, then head back to the restaurant to feast! http://greentravelerguides.com/2010/0...