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Oct 27, 2011 10:20 PM

NEW: Prime Dip Sandwiches (Tenderloin), SF - It's Good eats!

Wow! Prime Dip Sandwiches is a good place to Eat! It's a small shop in the old What's Up Dog shop on Larkin, just past Turk when walking up from the Library.

I picked:
Roasted Prime Rib Dip w/ side of Creamed Spinach $7.99 - It's 6oz of very tender prime rib meat w/ a squirt of creamy horseradish & mayo & there's hot au jus on the side on toasted bread I found out they get the bread from Lee's Sandwiches. Creamed spinach is not full of cream so you actually get to taste the spinach. It's a big sandwich because of all that meat, but I finished it.

They also have:
Roasted pork dip $6.99
hot pastrami dip $6.99
Roasted turkey dip $6.99
Hot Corned Beef Dip $6.99
The Lobster Dip $12.99

Sides $2.50
mac & cheese
mash & gravy
creamed spinach
mixed veggies
prime house salad

Can soda, Snapple in the case behind you when you order think it's $1.75.

4 counters against the walls w/ maybe 15 chairs.

Bathroom: Gotta get a key, just one unisex.

My total $8.67. Credit cards ok.

Closed Sun
M-Sat 10a-6p

Prime Dip Sandwiches
528 Larkin St, SF
(between Eddy & Turk)

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  1. that looks really, really good. thanks for the post, and the pic. especially intrigued by the lobster dip....