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Oct 27, 2011 07:28 PM

Kimchi in Metro Detroit?

I'm looking for some really yummy kimchi. A few years ago I purchased some jar kimchi at Kroger in Hazel Park on 9 Mile and John R. It was pretty disgusting and kind of turned me off of kimchi all together. Since then I have only had kimchi at Korean restaurants and I would like to find a store in the Metro Detroit area that has the best kimchi so I can buy lots of it.

I don't want anymore jar stuff, I would prefer kimchi made in-house or freshly made. Does anyone know of any places?

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    1. re: coney with everything

      I go to E-Mart quite a bit and in the refrigerated section in the back of the store is where I have seen kimchi but its all in jars of various sizes and I read the label and its made in California and there is alway a lot of it there. I don't know if its being purchased or not but I haven't been willing to try it.

      1. re: rockyjay

        I've bought the E Mart kimchi (in a smaller jar) and thought it was fine - just like the stuff at the restaurants. I'm not aware of a Korean store making homemade, though one of the other sites (yelp?) had a mention of a Troy, MI, Rochester Road (around 16 mile) store with a wide variety of Korean pickled vegetables - however, where were they made?

        1. re: rockyjay

          "I don't know if its being purchased or not but I haven't been willing to try it."
          If you're questioning the freshness of the E-Mart stock, kimchi is FERMENTED! The stuff lasts forever, especially when refrigerated.

          E-Mart stocks a variety of brands/producers of kimchi. They do have kimchi that I presume is house-made--it's packaged in clear, unmarked plastic containers, the simple/flimsy ones kind of like you'd get when ordering soup to-go from a restaurant. Like HillsofBeverly, this was fine kimchi, just like at the restaurants around here.

          And like malmarson said, ANY Korean market has dozens of kimchi types, options, heat, brands. It's really not hard to find. And the stuff is so cheap, why don't you just buy a few and test them out to see if you like them?

        2. re: coney with everything

          Oh my god...any Korean market in the Troy -Sterling Heights area has kim chee. Any Korean resterant has Kim Chee. If I remember correctly, Asia Mart on Rochester Road near Big Beaver has up to gallon jars of the stuff!

          Hankuk on Gratiot (between 13 and 14 mile) has handmade kim chee-great hole in the wall bare bones resterant attached.
          Also-even Saigon Market-John R, around 13 1/2 mile, has a garlic/ginger Kim chee.

          1. re: malmarson

            I was at Hankuk the other day- the kimchee is a little sour, I may have bought an older jar. But it is made in house and still quite delicious. The restaurant is excellent.

        3. You might want to try this place on the edge of Ann Arbor. It's a great Korean grocery.


          I make my own, it's not that hard. My BF hates the stuff so I have to ferment it outside on the back porch. I'd recommend buying Sandor Katz's "Wild Fermentation" book. It's got a lot of great recipes.

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            I live down the street from Galleria. Several of the Korean markets in AA have it, but they have the largest selection. Hyundai market at Platt and Ellsworth is very close by and also worth trying. Ann Arbor is paradise for lovers of Korean food.

            1. re: Jim M

              I'll also toss Manna onto that list. All three of the A2 places make their own Kimchi , in additon to selling jarred versions.

              1. re: Jim M

                "Hyundai" market...seriously, that's the name?


                1. re: coney with everything

                  Yeah it really is. Got a good fish stew from there the other day too.

                  1. re: moose734

                    Did it include Tiburon?

                    Sorry, could not resist very very bad car joke.

                    1. re: coney with everything

                      Yeah, but there's also a certain accent I can't place.

                  2. re: coney with everything

                    it's sort of in a gas station too, the strip mall it's in is attached to a Shell Gas station

              2. In Ann Arbor I second Manna--great kim chi, plus a nice selection of ready-to-eat dishes. You may even find pear kim chi at this time of year. And it is just blocks from Seoul Street, so you can pick up some Korean Fried Chicken!

                Also check out kim chi and other pickled vegetables from The Brinery (at AA's farmers' market and a few stores . . . www.thebrinery.com).

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                  Oh yeah, that Korean fried chicken is fantastic! Worth the wait. Must try the spam kim bob rolls next. I used to live just down the street from Manna and shopped there a lot.

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                    I have tried Kim Chi from The Brinery and I love it but I live in Ferndale and wont be driving to AA as often enough as I go through Kimchi at my house. I did bite the bullet and buy a jar from E-Mart. It was okay, a bit sweet but not very sour so I think it was freshly made. I'm going to let it sit for a few days and try again.

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