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Oct 27, 2011 06:59 PM

Leaving tomorrow (Friday, October 28) for 2.5 days in Phili. Seeking great food!

Hello all,

My husbsnd and I are leaving Brooklyn and our two kids for a little rest and relaxation in Phili!

We would love your thoughts on some great places to dine for lunch and dinner. Last year we went to Vetri so we want to try something else this time. Thanks so much in advance for your feedback.


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  1. In center city, we have had two excellent meals recently at Meritage and Matyson. Matyson is byob.
    Both have great chefs doing great things.
    Vetri has a more casual place called Osteria - less formal, very delicious.
    If you will have a car, there are some terrific Italian restaurants in South Philly. Some are byob.
    Browse this Board for more ideas.

    1. If you would take a minute to look at a couple of threads, you will see many fabulous suggestions from the regular Philly posters. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

      1. Two favorites on this board are Zahav (Israeli) and Kanella (cypriot)