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Oct 27, 2011 06:42 PM

2011 - Eggnog has arrived

Walmart in American Canyon had five varieties: two flavors of Jack Daniels, Soy nog, Horizon Organic, and Darigold. I was tempted by the Darigold because it used sugar, but it was a half gallon and I wasn't going right home.

Just to see if this wasn't some Walmart insanity, I check out the eggnog situation at Lucky ... yep ... there it was ... Sunnyside (with HFCS).

Here are some eggnog threads from previous years. That Clover organic sounds great ... but it was a post from 2006. Hope it hasn't changed.

"The style and flavor is much closer to a homemade product, and I like it very much. By that I mean that it doesn't reek of artificial brandy flavoring, isn't overly thickened with slime, nor sickeningly sweet. The ingredient list does include carraganeen and organic tapioca starch. However, they're barely noticeable and do not interfere with the pure flavor of the milk, egg yolks and a whisper of nutmeg."

.2009 Eggnog sightings

.Looking to buy eggnog somewhere

Lactaid Eggnog at Draeger's San Mateo

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  1. Jack in the Box has its eggnog shakes (as well as pumpkin pie), too. I had one last year and it wasn't bad.

    1. I saw Strauss eggnog ice cream today. Has anyone tried it?

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      1. re: rworange

        yes, tried it this weekend as a matter of fact. No, you can't get it in Merced: I was in Pt Reyes for an anniversary weekend with hubby, and we picked it up at the grocery store in Pt Reyes station. It was heavy on the nutmeg and a bit sweet for my taste. Not bad, but I can't say I am all that sorry that I won't be able to get it until my next trip back to the bay area...not my favorite of the Straus flavors (that would be rasberry).

        1. re: susancinsf

          Heavy on nutmeg and too sweet has been my take on past vintages of Straus eggnog, the beverage not the ice cream.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Saw this in this week's Lunardi's specials ad ($5.99 for 52 oz). Supposed to be low fat and has fewer calories and lower cholesterol.


            Anyone try it? I'd buy if it tasted any good.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I brought Mitchell's egg nog ($4.50 for a quart, or $1.50 a cup) to Thanksgiving. We drank tiny sips out of cordial glasses; it was well received.

          Very thick; I'd have preferred it with a splash of brandy. Smooth, very creamy, could use a sprinkle of nutmeg. Made in small batches.

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          1. re: Windy

            If you live in the Bay Area, just pick up a carton of Bud's at your local supermarket; you won't be sorry.

          2. I think Clover organic eggnog is quite good. Wasn't too keen on Straus. Homemade is still the best.

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            1. re: emily

              I had my first Clover organic eggnog of the season last week. Has not changed, still like it very much.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Jack's Prime in San Mateo has an egg nog shake as a December special. The description says "egg nog ice cream and Clover Stornetta egg nog mix." Not sure what that means.

                It was very thick, but it definitely had that wonderful Clover eggnog taste!