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Oct 27, 2011 05:29 PM

Cuban Sandwich in NoVA

Hey Hounds,

So I finally got my wish for a killer Po Boy in Arlington thanks to the Willie's Po Boy truck. Any suggestions in the area for a killer Cuban?

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  1. Check out the place in the gas station in NE? Blocking on the name now,,but there is a big thread for it. El Chivito or something. Just search for cuban gas station and you should find it.

    In NOVA, try the Caribbiean Grill. This is NOT the place near Ballston. It's up on Lee Hwy West of Glebe. It's on the corner of a very dilapidated strip mall, but the food is goood. And ask for fried yuca and watch when they cook it - you're in a different country altogether.

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      The gas station in NE? -- Do you mean the gas station in NW? If so, it's Fast Gourmet (1400 W Street Northwest). Very good cubans. Ceiba also makes a mean cuban.

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        Dennis..the place near Ballston is Caribbean Breeze. I work in Ballston. One night we did HH there. They have lit up colored ice cubes. After I witnessed a bartender grabbing an emptied martini glass and wiping the cubes on his pants before chucking them into the "hey! use these ..they are clean jar" I have never been back.

        Caribbean Breeze
        4100 Fairfax Dr Lbby 1, Arlington, VA 22203

        1. re: rHairing

          It's confusing b/c of the names, but there is Caribbean Grill up on 29 just a bit West of Glebe. They do good cubans. Also a lot of other stuff.

          The Caribbean Grill
          5183 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207

          1. re: Dennis S

            I will second alkapal's comments that -- while I too have not been to Caribbean Grill in a while, I used to go very often when I worked nearby -- the cuban there is okay, but the sides are really, really good. Yuca, two preparations of plantains, various rice dishes, etc. Often I would get a side sampler and skip the cuban or chicken altogether.

            The Caribbean Grill
            5183 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207

    2. the cuban at caribbean grill was ok, but i haven't been in a while to be fair. i felt the sides were better. location is george mason drive at lee hwy.

      once a week, bayou bakery does a cuban sandwich special, though i haven't tried it. i like chef guas thereā€¦his dad is cuban -- hence the sandwich's presence as a special in a new orleans food place.

      1. I liked the Cuban at Virtue Feed and Grain in Alexandria.

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          I second Virtue. Could also try Aguaviva on King St.

        2. Fast Gourmet has the best Cubans in the area.

          1. Earl's has a good take on a cuban, not exact, but good flavors.