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Sausage Partners

Has anyone been yet?

I've been hearing good things about their meatballs and sticky toffee pudding. Albeit it's all from them personally (twitter) but hey, it's got me curious enough. Going to stop in this weekend and check it out.

I know that a few chefs in the area - Hammersmiths in particular - have been using them as a supplier so that's a good sign.

I have a good feeling about this place.

foodyDudey, care to chime in :)

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  1. I've been, actually just ate some lamb shanks we bought from there, which were great. The meat is spendy but very, very good - I was sorely tempted by rib steaks that looked like Wagyu, they were so marbled, and will probably get those soon. They also had some great-looking duck breasts, chicken both uncooked and smoked, and yeah...just a small but nicely curated meat counter for those who want local/grass-fed/designer meat and are willing to pay for it.

    They have tons of pickles and preserves, we bought some "Brampton Pickle" which is just their version of Branston pickle without the artificial colour and is very delicious. Also, they have a little fish counter specializing in Ontario lakefish, not sure how often I would hit that given my proximity to Hooked, but if I lived closer to SP I'd probably get it fairly often. The sausages looked very nice but were all porky, a no-go in our house, and frankly given their name I expected more varieties than the two they had. George's aka Meating on Queen has waaayyyy more sausage selection.

    The sticky toffee pudding looked amazing but yeah I'm trying to be less fat. The freezer in general seemed to hold lots of nice things, including the aforementioned meatballs. Oh and they have some fresh local veg on a centre island, bought a great value $3 bag of wild mushrooms which I promptly turned into a pasta. Plus they had JP Challet breads but I didn't sample them.

    Great store, very cheffy and of-the-moment. They're kind of in the middle zone between prime Leslieville and the Beaches, so I think they'll need to get people going slightly out of their way to be a real success. But people should. Plan is to head to SP tomorrow after work, got some people coming over for dinner and I haven't planned anything, but I know I'll find tons of good things there.

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      Thank you childofthestorm for the informative post. I am eager to check it out.

      I am surprised about the name also. I was figuring it was going to be pretty much just sausages - anyways glad that it's much more. I mean how many sausages can a girl eat - even Milly!!

      The pudding doesn't appeal to me but who knows once I get in there.

      I've heard very good things about George's sausages but have never stopped in. I must do that as well. Any in particular you recommend?

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        Yeah his hot Ecuadorian sausage is his mother's recipe. Easily one of the best sausages in the city!

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        Oh but the sausages are so good! Best I've ever had infact.

      3. I peeked in the window last night on my way home and I'm DEFINITELY going to stop in this weekend to pick up some goodies to test out - sticky toffee pudding, sausages, pickles - I could go on. This is the closest shop of its kind near my new home and I'm very excited about it finally opening. I will report back with my reviews.

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          was in today, beautiful products. They had very nice looking goat meat, beautiful duck, grass fed beef. I got some fresh pork - , I thought the price was very fair for the quality (only around $8 for 1.25 lbs) berkshire-tamworth cross tenderloin. ALthough I bought ONE sweet potato which was $4, thought that was incredibly steep!

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            Does anyone know if they have Andouille?

            1. re: LJS2

              they didn't today; had some pork sausage, goat sausage, lamb sausage, and one that might be close to a French andouillette, if I read correctly, was some sort of mix of organs

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                Thats not really what I am looking for. Its the New Orleans Cajun smoked spicy style. I cant seem to find it anywhere other than at Sausage king at SLM.

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                  yeah, I know what you mean, nope, they didn't have it, although maybe they could make it for you if you ask

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                    Medium Rare in Etobicoke has Andouille sausage.

                    Medium Rare
                    5241 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9B, CA

          2. I've been in a couple of times now. I am a BIG fan of their sticky toffee pudding (which is probably not good..). Last week I got duck eggs and bacon rashers which were both excellent. Service is great and they are very enthusiastic about their product.

            1. Managed to go last weekend - had some awesome sausages (the bacon breakfast links were a standout) and the sticky toffee pudding is awesome too! The only minor downside is that we chomped down on two date pits and almost lost a couple of teeth. It was worth it though.

              1. There wasn't much to chime in about. I went twice when they first opened. The breakfast sausage was good, but there is very little selection of sausages and too far to drive.
                Meating at Queen and Jones is closer and has a much bigger selection of sausages.

                Has anyone been recently ?

                1. Their pork is absolutely fantastic... delicious and fatty, not at all like that bland stuff one gets pretty much everywhere else. I find their bacon a little too salty for my tastes, but love everything else.

                  I'm also impressed with their prices. It feels very reasonable for quality-raised, organic meats. It is my family's new favourite to shop. I wish the partners of the store much success!

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                    If you are looking for some really nice bacon without excess salt, try the slab bacon at Karlovo meats on Cosburn Ave. That's the bacon we are eating now. I had been intending to make a post about it but since you mentioned bacon, I mentioned it here.

                  2. I was in there a few weeks ago and bought an assortment of sausages. No one here has mentioned this, but I assume I'm not the only one who finds their sausages to be almost devoid of seasonings and, therefore, completely bland. Even their merguez is flavourless. Anyone else?

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                      That is correct, their sausages are quite bland but if you like a little extra pork fat, you will probably like them.

                      1. re: foodyDudey

                        You are right -- these are not the typical sausages you might find at SLM with 20 variations on seasoning. But, if you want sausages where the true, rich flavor of honest, well raised pork shows through, these can't be beat. Most of their sausages are devoid of seasoning, but certainly not devoid of flavour.

                          1. re: gothlig

                            Perhaps that's the problem right there -- I bought bison, venison and lamb sausages.

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                          Totally agreed. My wife picked up some of their breakfast sausages and I was completely underwhelmed. Once all the extra fat is rendered in the fry pan, you're left with a rather rubbery, dry sausage. Far better to grab the ones at Strickland's on Greenwood or if you can make it up to Markham, the amazing ones at The Village Grocer. Spicing is great too with rosemary being the dominant flavour.

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                            I'm glad you agree, as we felt the same. My wife didn't even eat hers, and she is not a fan of spice so I thought she'd like the breakfast sausage.

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                              So happy to hear I'm not alone in wanting flavour and spicing in my sausages.

                        2. i have purchased a few things at sausage partners as i live in their area. their pickled tomatoes are amazing, had their pulled pork and made pulled pork grilled cheese sandwiches out of them, used their smoked pork hock for pea soup, had their breakfast sausages as well as the bacon chocolate. all of which were great. i would highly recommend this place. some people may find their sausages lacking flavour, but they are trying to let the flavour of the pork shine through, not the flavour of chiles or rosemary, etc. i mean, those types of sausages are also good, but that is not what sausage partners are going for.

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                            I visited the Sausage Partners store last week. They had less selection than I expected. They told me that the sausage maker had been on leave for some time. Hopefully they'll put back soon those nice selections.

                          2. Subtle herbs and the right amount of salt will never overshadow good meat.
                            I've eaten tons of top-quality sausage in Germany (talk about amazing pork) and with the best links the meat flavor is in harmony with the delicate, fresh seasoning.
                            Adding herbs to sausage is an art form - and skipping that step is just clumsy craftsmanship, not innovation. We will see how these guys fare!

                            1. I had some lamb and dijon sausages from there a couple of weeks ago and couldn't eat more than one bite, the lamb flavour was almost mutton-y, probably because they were so fatty. Not nice at all. Was pretty disappointed by the selection of meat in general, it didn't seem well-stocked, but that's something I've noticed in TO in general compared to butchers I'm used to in the UK, that they don't keep much out on display.

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                                Sorry to hear that, nobody should ever add a lot of lamb fat to anything - even with roasts you trim well to avoid the overpowering lamby flavor.

                                I REALLY like Select Fine Foods lamb sausage. Available at Fiesta Farms & has a very good meaty & juicy flavor. It's all protein, there's no fillers in Select because the sausage maker is from the Thuringen region of Germany and is very particular. He uses only specialty small-farm raised livestock. I buy the Chorizo less of ten but the Nurnburger Brats are classic south German cuisine.

                              2. I stopped by on the weekend because they had a little event in that area on Sunday. I tasted two different smoked sausages and one was REALLY fatty... I know there are some styles of sausage that have more fat but it was mainly all fat. (still not sure why I tried it :) )...
                                The shop itself looks nice and they carry some interesting products but I agree that there wasn't a lot of meat selection considering the room that they had in the fridges.

                                1. According to an FB posting Sausage Partners will be taken over by Oliffe. That's the only info posted at the moment. Well I liked some of the items at Sausage Partners, I'm looking forward to having Oliffe rather close.

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                                    Noticed on my morning commute that the paper covering the windows is now down and the store is fully rebranded as Oliffe. Not sure if it's officially open yet.