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Oct 27, 2011 03:40 PM

Halloween Cocktail needed

I don't want to get into dry ice but does anyone have a Halloween-ish cocktail that I can take to a party this weekend? I prefer to stick with vodka, tequila or Proseco as a base. Maybe something bloody looking or black-ish?
It should taste reasonably drinkable but appearance is important here!!

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  1. Since you're going for appearance here... get some canned lychees, insert a luxardo cherry in each and connect them with a toothpick to look like a pair of eyeballs, put into a glass of nonino amaro with some orange bitters and an orange twist.

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      This is an awesome idea. I find Nonino a touch sweet to drink straight, but I think a bit of lemon or dry vermouth would fix that. I have some chef / bev industry friends coming over this Sunday. I think this will be the garnish!

      BTW, for Thurs Drink Night: Halloween, I made up Vlad the Imbiber, a Boulevardier with Mirto for the sweet vermouth, a dash of Spanish Bitters, and pair of lemon swaths. Nice and blood-red. The lychee eyeballs could go in that for a blood-shot look.

      I have a friend that bakes witch fingers -- a sugar cookie shaped like an arthritic finger with an almond fingernail painted red with food coloring. They look and taste great. Almond extract in the dough, I think, too. You could serve them with an almond-friendly cordial -- Averna or Nonino, maybe.

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      1. re: EvergreenDan

        love the Vlad the Imbiber! That sounds like a drink you could really sink your teeth into :) Maybe the cookie fingers could be served with Faretti biscotti liqueur.

        1. re: barleywino

          Thanks. I think that you'd want something to contrast with the almond cookie, rather than duplicate it. Or you could dunk it in something (like you would a biscotti into vin santo.

    2. I used to make the Tidy Bowl: vodka, blue curacao, and a couple of raisin shits.

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      1. re: porker

        Roflmao!!! I'm afraid to ask what this was served in.

        1. re: sparkareno

          4 score and 7 lives ago I used to own and run a restaurant-cum-bar. Halloween time was loads of fun. I served the Tidy Bowl in a vessel like this

          Note the stir stick...

          kagemusha49 reminded me of a shooter called the Bloody Brain (there's the garden variety Brain shooter, but add a bit of grenadine and you have a Bloody Brain (AKA the Aneurysm AKA the Brain Hemorrhage)


          Shot glass

          fill 3/4 peach schnapps

          gently dump (do not float) a dollop of Baileys Irish Cream (almost filling the shot. The Baileys will collect together then float on top of the schnapps. This is the brain in "formaldehyde")

          If you stop here, its a "Brain Shooter", but to get to the next level...

          Pour in a smidge of grenadine. It'll break through the brain, drag some down (the brain stem) and pool like blood.

          The Bloody Brain.

      2. Something based on black rum maybe just a rum and coke with a chestnut on a cocktail stick to look like a brain -

        1. Here's a trick I learned accidentally:

          Blue Curacao mixed with Pomegranate Juice turns BLACK. Both can be on the really sweet side so I cut it with a bunch of Vodka but it looks great in a Martini glass...

          1. If you want something cute: My wife and two of her colleagues made a candy corn drink they call "candy corn martinis" due to using a martini glass to make. In a martini glass, create the first layer by filling the glass up one-third full of marshmallow creme. Layer two is 1/3rd orange liqueur further food dyed orange and layer three is 1/3rd lemon vodka or lemoncello further food dyed yellow. Apparently, the layers hold up pretty well [until drinking].

            In terms of a red drink: Campari in virtually any white liquid is a pretty shade of red.

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            1. re: hawkeyeui93

              Good lord, that sounds vile. It probably looks great, but is it actually drinkable? I assume the marshmallow creme is just for looks?