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Oct 27, 2011 03:10 PM

Please look at my restaurant list and offer feedback

Based on fabulus feedback I moved Le Cinq to Sunday for lunch.
Going to Setime Thurs night
L'Ami Jean Friday night
Les Papilles Saturday night
Le Cing Sunday lunch

Shall I cut out Les Papilles to be fresh and hungry for Le Cinq Sunday. I am most looking forward to Le Cinq for food and atmosphere.
If I cancel Les Papilles, any suggestions. Something light, casual not too heavy or exensive. I will be staying in St. Germain de Pres.
Thanks Chowhounds!! You're awesome!!

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  1. If you exercise a little control, you needn't cancel Les Papilles. Stop after one serving of soup, same with the braise. I usually ask for salad instead of cheese, which brings me a very small plate of greens. Dessert or not as you please. You can order only soup and main if you want; and be charged accordingly.

    You don't have to mimic my husband who has two servings of soup, finishes the braise, opts for cheese and often finishes half of my dessert...then complains about how big dinner was...

    1. You could also have a delicious picnic Saturday evening in your hotel room. A wonderful baguette, cheese, pate, great bottle of wine and pastry from one of the many incredible patisseries.

      1. "If I cancel Les Papilles, any suggestions."

        Dans Les Landes. The tapas style eating is much easier to control. A light meal would be about 6 dishes for 2, including a shared dessert. And the food is so good.

        1. Did not find Les Papilles too much food. If weather good, ask for outside table, as extremely tight inside.

          1. Please, please report back! Your itinerary is exactly what I'd love to do on our next weekend in Paris in mid-November...if only we weren't handicapped by having a 2 year old in tow. :o)