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Oct 27, 2011 02:15 PM

Farmers Markets

Are there any true farmers markets in South Florida-markets that sell local products that merchants/farmers have planted and harvested themselves????????????????

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  1. see below my post on Green Markets
    where in SoFl are you? Delray has one saturday mornings, Boca on Weds afternoon and Saturday morning

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      1. In season they are all over South Miami.

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          The ones run by Urban Oasis have a real commitment to local/organic practices:
          1. Biscayne Plaza Farmers’ Market: Biscayne and 79th Street, Saturday mornings to 2pm
          2. Ones in Liberty City/Brownsville, not yet open for the season.

          Earth Learning which runs the South Miami Farmers' Market also has a real commitment to local/organic practices, but since it is year round, it is not exclusive. Head to rear of the market for the local organic stuff.

          If you look at the list of farmers' markets on, some are marked where the market management has a real to 100% commitment to local/organic practices. The Delray market is one of those.

        2. If you are ever in the New Tampa area on the 1st or 3rd Saturday of the month, they have a great fresh market, locally grown and organics....Huge selection 10-3pm...@ Wiregrass Mall...

          1. Heritage Farms in Boynton are doing some amazing things. It's poultry and dairy - not produce - but they are getting a lot of well-deserved attention.


            Their stand at Delray's Saturday morning Green Market has become perhaps the most popular there.

            Now even the sustainable-friendly folks at Chipotle have taken notice (if you think they're just another chain, please see the film Food Inc). They're partnering to host educational events at the farm, fund-raising at the Chipotle Boynton store, etc.

            Expensive? Yes, but when you see what goes into it all, you'll know why...


            And besides, if I have two pay $2 for 2 eggs for breakfast... but they're the best eggs I've ever eaten (by far)... that doesn't seem all that horrible to me.

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            1. re: CFByrne

              I have to agree. The last few years has seen an amazing growth both of real farmers' markets and the ability to easily get humanely-treated, properly fed animal items. The sources are abundant, but not necessarily easy to find.

              I would submit that grocery store "consumer products" are not even worth their cheap price, and that while you may pay 4-5x for real food, it is somewhat underpriced for the nutritional density you get. Most of the people in the food club I belong to simply have re-oriented their spending to allow them to spend a greater percentage of their income on true "food". I take the bus so my dog eats (only) grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, etc.