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Oct 27, 2011 02:11 PM

Packaged broth?

I've heard bad things about the Pacific broths. Can anyone recommend another packaged kosher broth. Parve or Fleish is fine. I live in the DC area and often travel to NYC.


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  1. I like the Better Than Bouillon line; it's a concentrated paste, so there's less waste and the flavor is very good.

    1. The Pacific broths are fine. Just don't expect it to taste like a finished soup.

      1. Trader Joe's veggie broth is good for starting a quick soup.
        I also use Pacific mushroom broth, which I like very much.

        1. I have had good results with the Imagine line. They make a pareve "no chicken" chicken broth that works well in most recipes. For meat dishes I have been using the Manischewitz in the boxes or the cans, not the condensed kind. I have never used Pacific so can't comment on if they are good or bad. Just recently bought some Trader Joe's but haven't used it yet. Most broths are best used as a starter for a richer soup. If you want to sip it plain I would stick with Manischewitz.

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            I think the best is the boxed broth from Tabatchniks but it's not easy to find.

            1. re: DeisCane

              Tabatchnik's is stocked in Stop and Shop and Shop Rite, it is good, but very salty. My wife cuts it with a third added water

              1. re: bagelman01

                Yes, it is a little salty. But it has no MSG. We rarely go to SR now that we have a TJs so close. Kings used to carry Tabatchniks but no longer.

            2. re: mommysmazal

              Imagine (and Pacific, also) have kosher chicken broths, as well. But they may be difficult or impossible to find any many areas.

              1. re: masteraleph

                The Better than bouillon line is pretty good. Unfortunately it is salty like most products like this and once opened has to be refrigerated unlike the boxed soups which are shelf stable. I use these products but the best is just boiling up some chicken bones and freezing the broth. It is more flavorful and you can control the sodium.

                1. re: sharonfl

                  All of the boxed soups need to be refrigerated once opened. They're only shelf stable until you break the seal.