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Oct 27, 2011 02:11 PM

Kam Sen in White Plains for lunch

Lately I'm in White Plains a couple times a week, just a few minutes walk from White Plains Mall at 22 Barker Ave. Once a week I treat myself to a take-out lunch from Kam Sen. I shop there for Asian ingredients and it's the best I've found around here, and the steam table at lunch time is really good! I turn up there a bit before noon, when everything is really fresh. Any four items will set you back $5.95 and it makes two meals for me. They really pile it into the take-out container. Today my favorite soft bean curd in a semi-spicy sausage sauce was available. At home I added some Sriracha. To make up my four choices, I chose freshly cooked bock choy, some kind of nicely seasoned rice flour vermicelli, and sweet/sour hunks of chicken. There was some good looking squid that I'll try the next time around.

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  1. Yes it's a great bargain. My only complaint is a lot of the dishes are very salty.

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    1. re: pabboy

      Right. This is often true for me when I eat Asian food. That's one of the reasons I limit myself to one lunch a week. But I do love it!

      1. re: Pat Hammond

        I think the point is that asian or not, the prepared dishes at kam sen are very salty and I agree. I also find some of the food greasy. Having said that, we like the bbq there, specifically the bbq pork, roast pig and scallion chicken. Also, the kids like giant pork buns and the sesame balls.

    2. It really is a great value at lunch. I don't find it too salty, but then I only get the vegetable items. The green beans and the Japanese eggplant are very tasty options. I was wondering if they changed up the items for lunch- I have been 3 times and it seems like they were the same each time!

      Kam Sen is the best place in Westchester to buy Asian groceries. Tons of noodles, tea, seasonings, frozen items, and even the knives and other kitchen stuff is a good deal! I also found my favorite Mexican hot sauce there (that I thought I would never see again). What a nice surprise.

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      1. re: NCVeggie

        What Mexican hot sauce was that?

        1. re: spa

          Valentina brand- it's pretty common in the southern & western US, but I haven't seen it anywhere in the NY area until now. It's tasty and really cheap, which is nice if you like to use a lot of hot sauce in your cooking! Only $1.29 for 12 oz at Kam Sen

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            that is a great hot sauce. I started using that after the cholula brand doubled in price years ago after it became popular. kam sen also has a great prices on the siracha sauces and the better chili garlic sauce with the seeds