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Oct 27, 2011 12:43 PM

Vega in Hartsdale

Has anyone been there recently?

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  1. Yup, was there during the snowstorm. Food was OK, seemed a bit weaker than past visits. The Carnitas didn't come as I had asked for it (crispy), I complained to the waitress, she gave me a surprised reaction, headed off immediately for the kitchen. Then, well, there was no then... She never came back.

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    1. So disappointing! My daughter and I ended up at Vega for dinner tonight - The first thing I will say is that I will never cheat on Hacienda Azteca again -The service by the waitress was horrible (the guacamole maker and the busboys were fine) - she came by about 10 seconds after we sat down and then to take our order - She walked by a number of times but did not stop to ask how anything was - (Tasteless!) - I got up to get dessert menus and then asked another waiter to find our waitress so we could get the check

      The food was bland - The table made guacamole was fine and the chips were fresh - The vegetable enchildas were almost inedible - corn tortilla was tasteless - vegetables were hardly seasoned and were sitting in a pool of liquid (that's what happens when you use zucchini) - The churrasco - strip steak - was soft but a little tough, the chimichurri was spicy and uneven in flavor - No one questioned if we liked our food even after sending back half full plates and nort requesting anything be wrapped to take home

      The rice pudding was decent but almost frozen in the middle - Mexican coffee was average -

      And whoever decided that the time cards for punching in and out belonged in the dining room should be scolded - poor placement choice

      1. The guacommole, fajitas and fish tacos are excellent. Those are my go to dishes and i have never been disappointed. My last visit was in june, w 8 others - all of whom loved their meals.

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          We went to Hartsdale's Vega and then Peachwave Yogurt tonight. A great combination. Yummy Guacamole and Quesadillias. They know how to make Margaritas and Mojitos too.