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Oct 27, 2011 11:12 AM

Ok, how about a recommendation for Thai

I posted earlier in the week about my being at the Academy in December. I'm an out of towner and love Thai - doesn't need to be a fancy pristine room (as many are).

Looking for the real deal - indigenous, peasant Thai done like one was over there and it could be in a shoebox storefront with spartan accomodations. Just love well made Thai food, especially Mussels in Lemongrass/Kamfir/basil broth and great curries.

Appreciate all of you CH's input.

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  1. You aren't going to find Thai food that good in Philadelphia, I'm afraid.

    1. Don't bother. If you are visiting, there are many cuisines that are done well here. Thai is not one of them, you will be disappointed.

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      1. re: barryg

        I see that your last thread was looking for Sushi--another cuisine that we just don't have any really great places for.

        You also asked about parking somewhere and taking transit in... my suggestion to you is to park near Hardena at 1754 Hicks St in South Philly. It's a hole in the wall Indonesian restaurant that is fantastic and dirt cheap, but clean and friendly. Then you are in walking distance of the Broad Street Line subway that will take you to the front door of the Academy of Music.

        Circles Thai restaurant is also near the Subway down there--actually closer than Hardena. It's above average for the area but will not come close to "the real deal." No mussels on the menu.

        Also if you park down there, try to do it closer to Broad Street--as you go farther west from Broad, the neighborhood gets sketchy.

        1. re: barryg

          Rangoon is another option, it's Burmese so there are some similar flavors to Thai but Rangoon is better than our best Thai place. It's in Chinatown, so you'd probably have to park twice.

          If you want to try Hardena you may want to make a backup reservation somewhere else, it's tiny and if the tables are occupied and you have to get to your show it may not work out. It is, however, a block away from the South Philly Tap Room, one of the city's best gastropubs, and the gastropub is something Philly does extremely well.

          1. re: Buckethead

            Rangoon is a good call. THe problem with parking twice around there and the Academy is that both times will be difficult or expensive. They aren't really that far from each other, maybe a 20 min walk max. You could park between the two (maybe the lot at 13th & Market?) and then walk. But parking in any lot around there is at least $20, maybe more.

            If you end up taking the train or subway in, walking isn't too onerous. To get to Rangoon, take theTrenton Line to Market East, or the Broad Street Line to Race-Vine.

      2. Why not give Doma a try. It's korean and sushi. We love it. It's at 18th and Callowhill. Byo

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        1. re: joluvscards

          Thanks everyone. Your commentary is very much appreciated. Just very surprised that a major city such as yours doesn't 'do' Sushi or Thai as well as I thought would be the case - I'm sure the demographics and the pent up 'demand' is in place - oh well.

          I'm sure I'll do ok here with what's already been offered via the two threads.

          1. re: JustJake

            Excellent Thai if you are willing to come up to Lansdale in Montogmery County at Nadia Thai on Main Street (esp Jungle Queen, curries).

            Main Street Cafe
            126 E Main St, Elkton, MD 21921

        2. Authentic Thai exists in Philly! (actually Upper Darby, just outside the city)

          Sa-Bai-Dee, next to the awesome H-Mart in Upper Darby has authentic Thai. Their Larb and Som Tom are excellent, they actually make it thai spicy. I moved here from NYC and was looking for a replacement for my beloved Srippraphai in Queens, and found it here. check it out.

          7038 Terminal Sq
          Upper Darby, PA 19082

          1. Has anyone tried the Thai restaurant that opened in Northern Liberties where Sonata (RIP) was (on liberties walk)?

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