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Oct 27, 2011 10:58 AM

help me...gonna cook for the inlaws and i need a menu

hey, my boyfriends birthday is coming up. and we decided we'd keep it personal no big parties. i have several ideas in mind like a small get together with his parents and lil sibling. but i'm stumped on the perfect menu to prepare..can u suggest something simple yet good enough to make a good impression.????

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  1. I think you need to be a bit more specific as to the kind of food you/they like, and how complicated a meal you feel comfortable preparing.

    1. why don't you tell us what you had in mind? then we can offer better help. how skilled are you in the kitchen? any special dietary or budget issues?

      1. My first question is "what does he like?" and the follow up question to that is "... that his mother doesn't make?" Around here, if I am trying to make a good impression with the in-laws, I have to do something "not-too-fancy" - they aren't particulary adventurous eaters. I like Alton Brown's Broiled, Butterflied Chicken. It takes a little prep, but it's not hard to do, and it always looks pretty and tastes good. If I did that, I would steam or roast a veggie (or several), and do scalloped or mashed potatoes. If I mash potatoes, I do red, and leave the skins on.If they like sweet potatoes, I like those baked, with butter and cinnamon for topping when they come out of the oven.

        1. To keep it simple.

          I'd serve a simple green salad (add some nuts/mandarin oranges/goat cheese to spruce it up).

          Make a prime rib roast, bread/baguette, mashed or roast potatoes, roast carrots or some other veggie.

          To make gravy, go to Costco and buy yourself a bag of TRIO gravy and use that along with the roast drippings to make gravy.

          For dessert, how about a apple pie (you can buy unbaked and bake it off) with some ice cream.

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            i make everything from scratch though...i don't like pre made/ or ready to cook

          2. If you have dined with the family before, try to remember what they cooked or ordered and go with something similar (you can add your own touches).

            Do a test run of the menu before the event for you and the BF and get his opinion on whether or not his family would like it.

            If you haven't dined with them, then just ask your BF to suggest some favorite dishes.

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            1. re: pamf

              If everyone eats red meat, it's hard to beat short ribs. Do them a day in advance then you only need to fix sides and dessert the day of.