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Oct 27, 2011 10:01 AM

Final Occidental Farmers Market of 2011

Friday, 10/28 beginning at 4:00 is the last Occidental Farmers Market of the year. There will be costumes and entertainment, but mainly there will be food. A few of my favorites (and I apologize to those vendors whom I may forget) are Bohemian Well-Being Farm for the most flavorful mushrooms, Casa LaBell baked goods, Bloomfield Bees honey, and Latah's Indian Food. Last week Latah made a pumpkin curry that was exquisite. It was not too hot (I like plenty of spice but my dh doesn't) but complex and well balanced. I don't remember all the names of the farms, but I also bought beautiful heirloom cauliflower, romanesque broccoli, beautiful tiny red potatoes, little red and white onions, and arugula. If you haven't tried this farmers market yet, this is your last chance. It is such a sweet, friendly, happy market, you'll love it!

Occidental Farmers Market
Occidental, CA 95465, USA, Occidental, CA 95465

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