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Oct 27, 2011 09:36 AM

Pumpkin lasagna recipe?

I've had pumpkin lasagna on my mind for a week now and need to just make it already! Any great recipes out there? My vision includes sage. Maybe hazelnuts? I may just wing it, but would love to hear if anyone has an out-of-this-world recipe. Thanks!!

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    1. I've made this version fron Epicurious, it's terrific! I'm sure you could use pumpkin, too, although I like butternut better in things like this.

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        This recipe is very similar to Liz K (no hazelnuts, although I think that is a great idea) and from Gourmet too. I have made this for many dinner parties and love it. Roast the squash until it is sweet (without burning of course). Pumpkin will work well.

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          This recipe is actually in the November COTM so if you made it maybe you will post to that thread when it goes up Tuesday. ! If I could smuggle a hazelnut into my kitchen I would try this recipe..

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            Sorry Bertheenia, I don't know what COMT stands for? The Squash and Hazelnut recipe I posted a link to is from 2001!

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              Sorry - we all seem to follow our own chowhound threads! Cookbook of the Month is COTM like Whats For Dinner is WFD Next month's Cookbook of the Month is The Gourmet Cookbook from 2004 and includes this recipe. I'm sure others will cook that lasagna and comment on it. It's helpful feedback if you aren't sure if you want to actually make a recipe to read others experiences.

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            Yes, yes, yes. I made it when that issue arrived. It was an instant hit.

            It was very rich, and smaller than suggested servings sufficed even for hearty eaters. The magazine says six servings, I think it's at least eight. As I grow older, I think about trying to make it with "light" ingredients, but haven't tried that yet. Instead, I just don't make it often.

            It benefits from being made a day in advance, and resting. I also learned that I can make it in stages over a couple of days, and assemble and bake the day of or the day before serving.

            The squash somehow has enough "body" (if that's the word) that even meat-eaters don't feel deprived.

            Over the years, I've made it with butternut, or whatever was available, even pumpkin. I've substituted walnuts for the hazelnuts, and dried sage when I had no fresh. Always came out great.

          3. Not exactly a lasagne, but this gratin of butternut squash and leeks from Epi is DELICIOUS:

            You could easily make it into a lasagne by layering the vegetables with pasta and bechamel instead of using the cream. Maybe add some mozzarella in addition to the goat cheese for extra gooeyness too.

            1. One of my favorite lasagna recipes is a tomato-less lasagna, which involves layering noodles with:
              -rosemary-infused bechamel sauce
              -ricotta mixed with tons of thawed, squeezed spinach and fresh grated parmesan
              -cooked mashed butternut squash/pumpkin (canned pumpkin works fine here), seasoned with rosemary, salt and pepper
              -mozzarella cheese

              Sage actually sounds like a lovely substitution for (or addition to) the rosemary....and I think the idea to top with hazelnuts that can toast up and get crunchy on top at the end is BRILLIANT. :)

              1. I'm making this version on Sunday

                I also enjoy lasagna rollups from time to time.

                And there's a delish recipe for a dessert lasagna that uses sweetened ricotta cheese and pumpkin pie spices that's seved room temp with a chocolate drizzle....the hazelnuts play well in a dessert lasagna.

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                  Did you make it? I want to try this coming weekend. I might sub kale for the chard.