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Apr 29, 2006 08:43 PM

Fresh Corn Grill (Westwood Blvd.)

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Fresh Corn Grill is a new, very small, semi-fast-food place on Westwood Blvd. It has a rather limited menu, devoted to seeing how many permutations you can get out of about 4 main ingredients (chicken, salmon, corn, cheese):

Soup: Corn Chowder ($4)
Entrees: Grilled chicken or salmon, with choice of sauce and sides ($9-11)
Salads: Grilled vegetable, tostada, cobb, caesar ($7-9, add grilled chicken or salmon $2-3)
Pastas: Caprese or Grilled vegetable ($8, add grilled chicken or salmon $2)
Sandwiches: Grilled chicken or salmon (surprise!) or caprese ($9-10)
Pizza: Smoked salmon, "margarita" [sic], four cheese, sundried tomato ($8-11)
Kid's: Grilled chicken, penne, cheese pizza ($5)

Luckily, all 3 of us were in the mood for grilled chicken last night so we tried it 3 ways: as an entree (with Asian BBQ sauce, grilled corn, and black beans), sandwich (on thickish panini-style bread with citrus sauce decent sliced tomatoes, and a mountain of basic red cabbage slaw), and kid's plate (thin-cut grilled strips with jasmine rice), plus a bowl of the chowder.

It was all pretty good. The chicken in all 3 meals was nicely cooked and juicy with a good little bit of char on the crust; the sauces were quite tasty, and the grilled corn (off the cob) was also flavorfully blackened. The best thing was probably the chowder, lightly creamy, sweet, and spicy. We saw pizzas and salads at other tables; they looked fine but not obvious show-stoppers.

I've heard (but did not verify) that the owner had some sort of prior connection to The Ivy. The chowder, at least, was certainly Ivy-reminiscent. You order at the counter and then they bring you the food. Service was friendly but still working out kinks.

Drinks include fresh lemonade and raspberry lemonade (not bad), tea, sodas, plus Red Bull, Rock Star, and Monster. Dessert was limited to mocha chocolate chip cookies and dark fudgy brownies. We got a couple of these to go (not bad), wandered across the street to Famima and supplemented these with a mango pudding and some red bean and soda-flavor ice bars to take home (plus as a Deoxys [TM] action figure from the $1 Pokemon vending machine for PayOrPlay Jr.)

It's just south of Ohio Ave., next to the Coffee Bean and across the street from Bristol Farms, in a space that used to hold a little French-Persian bakery. Parking could be a little problematic in the daytime.

Fresh Corn Grill
1510 Westwood Blvd.
(310) 470-0414
Open M-F 11-9, Sat 11:30-9.

No website, which is a mistake, I think, because this place seems most suited to take-out orders from the neighborhood: the menu is so limited that it's hard to see this place as any kind of destination, even though the few things we tried were certainly worthy.

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    1. re: JBC

      yeah, i noticed this place, right by the coffee bean.

      loved the french-persian bakery that used to be there, oh, well,

      maybe i''ll give it a try.

      1. re: kevin

        yeah, Josephine's was awesome! I loved their Tiramisu cake.

        1. re: coco puff

          Really? I thought their tiramisu cake was so awful when I had last year.

          Went into Fresh Corn Grill today, though, and the food was pretty good. I had the grilled salmon w/ cajun sauce and grilled corn, and my bf had the caprese pasta. Both good dishes. Around $20 for the both fo us. As soon as we sat down to wait, the manager/owner(? - should have talked to him more, but it got a little busy after we sat down) brought some bread to start with which was pretty good, just regular sourdough bread i think but was just out of the oven and light and crispy. Bf wanted a brownie, but I heard someone nearby say it tasted like it was made out of a box recipe, so decided against it. Not the best place to eat due to parking, but the food is worth a short walk.