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Oct 27, 2011 07:04 AM

Where to buy fresh perogies?

I hate the frozen crap they sell at Loblaws and having a 5 month old means I don't have the time to make them myself, where can I buy some delicious fresh perogies that are uncooked?

Preferably in the east end.

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  1. Not the east end, but I love the ones from the basement of the St Lawrence Market. Don't know the name of the place, but they sell a variety of hot foods and some uncooked take away ones too. They sell their perogies fresh or frozen, they beat the Loblaws crap by a mile and they are handy to have in the freezer.

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    1. re: cheesymama

      Boris and Bella are in the basement and I believe it is called European Delight Homemade Food - so much great food there!

      1. re: justsayn

        I third this, they are the basement of the St. Lawrence market!

    2. Not in the east end, but worth the trip. I live in the east end and frequently make the journey across town to go here:

      Super Kolbasa & Deli
      83 Roncesvalles Ave

      Great perogies! Many different fillings available - we particularly love the sauerkraut and mushroom ones (and cherry filled ones for dessert). You can buy them cooked in the deli or big bags of uncooked frozen ones that taste waaaay better than Loblaws, and they're pretty inexpensive, too. I'm eastern european and fussy, and they get my seal of approval.

      They also have good cabbage rolls, borsch and sausages. And to top it off, good thick sour cream that isn't filled with mysterious chemicals and stabilizers like the big name crap you find in most supermarkets.

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        Super Kolbasa perogies are pretty good but they ARE from frozen. European Delight at St. Lawerence Market were always homemade and I suspect still are.

      2. Victoria's bakery ( Roncesvalles ), has really nice fresh potato chedder perogies. They are quite tender and real potato and cheese. Closes thing to pillowy I've found. Lovely. the best store bought ones I"ve had. Their cheese blintzes are divine too.