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Oct 27, 2011 07:01 AM

In Moncton for a week, early November

Hi! I've been searching the board but not much comes up for Moncton... Are there any hidden gems you would recommend? I'm not looking for any particular cuisine, just good food! TIA

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  1. We are eating at Little Louis next Friday...I will let you know how it is. (We wanted to eat at L'Idylle but it is closed temporarily while the chef recovers from a health issue)

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      Awesome, have a nice meal, and don't forget to report back :)

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        I tried Little Louis yesterday. Overall we really enjoyed our meal, even though we thought it was very expensive, especially for the area. First we shared an oyster platter (Beausoleil and I forgot the name of the other variety). The oysters, served with a side of horseradish, lemon and verjus de pomme, were plump and very fresh. Then I had the black cod (the flesh was very moist and the skin, crispy), served with risotto and deep fried eggplant and a smoked tomato purée. A very nice dish. My SO had the sea bass (again with crispy skin), served in a dashi broth with nori pasta and salmon roe. Again, it was very good. Both mains were $34 and the oyster app was $18. I loved the meal but given the prices, I'd keep it for a special occasion.

    2. We ate there on Friday- after much too much wine... the food was good, the apps were much better than the mains. 2 of us had the scallop and squash ravioli app-excellent! 1 person had the Oysters rockafeller-excellent. The Foie Gras app was pronounced "fair" and the tempura short rib app with quails egg and black truffle wasn't shared so all we know is that it got inhaled!
      As far as mains- 2 of us had the lamb, which-when we ordered we were asked "medium rare?" we both said yes...and we both think we must have read the menu wrong, cause there was only a shank, very good, (but, slow cooked so well done) and the lentils along with some root veg. We both thought we were going to get something to do with the loin as well as the shank, well, it was ok..but just ok. 1 had the sea bass you had- very good. 1 had the lobster papardelle which was served nicely and looked seemed to have a lot of carrot in it, but, well I didn't eat it, so I can't comment. And the Bison on the menu was gobbled down, so it must have been good.
      It was a pricey meal, but that was, in part, due to our wine choices....