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Oct 27, 2011 06:57 AM

Oysters - along thruway NYC - Albany

Hello ,

I just asked on NYC board , is there a good fish monger - oyster seller somewhere along the Thruway from NYC to south of Albany. Need oysters for a party and not looking to go broke in getting them. Would also like to have a nice place to regularly stop to get some fish.


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    1. re: georgeb

      This is the best choice for sure. Only an hour from Albany and the store is less then a mile off the thruway. They general have a couple variety of oysters available at any given time.

      1. re: georgeb

        @georgeb, I don't know if you still receive notifications on a question you posted over a year ago, but you might want to check out this thread you started last year.
        You are finally receiving suggestions.

      2. Go the Adams Fair Acre Farms in Newburgh - 3 minutes from Exit 17 off the Thruway. Excellent fish department. You can call a head to find what you need. Last time I was in Gadaleto's in New Paltz the place did not look very good and the restaurant was juts plain terrible

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          Not sure where you're located or how far you are willing to travel. Can get great fish/squid/mussels/clams/oysters at the Troy Farmers Market on Saturdays from Pura Vida Fisheries out of Suffolk County.