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Oct 27, 2011 06:26 AM

Harold's New York Deli Restaurant In Edison

just saw them featured on Man vs Food and checked out their web site. can they compare with the best of Manhattan including the Carnegie, , 2d Ave, ,ben's, Sarges?? please rate as much as you can: sandwiches. soups. dinner specials.

Harold's New York Deli
3050 Woodbridge Ave Ste B, Edison, NJ 08837

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  1. They are AWESOME. For me personally, Katz Deli was always the best. But I went to both last week to compare and Harold's is right there with em. You will not be disappointed.

    I usually get half corned beef and half pastrami. Comes with coleslaw, their deli mustard, and russian dressing. All deliscious. Ive had the toungue which is also really good. Roast beef is good. BLT is really good. everything is good. And if you eat there they have a pickle bar that is incredible.

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    1. re: cleverwon

      Definitely not in same class as the great delis. Harolds has quantity but not the same quality. Then again, there are no delis in New Jersey that could compare to the original 2nd Avenue deli (and most delis in New York don't either).
      However ,Harolds is a good place to go with a group if you want to pig-out. Harold is a very nice person and runs the restaurant very well.

      1. re: BigGeorge

        Totally agree with BigGeorge. Just went there for the first time. Never been to 2nd Ave deli, but Philly and Montreal delis or for that matter Mile End in Brooklyn are way better.

    2. Enormous, enormous quantities. Not the way I like to eat food. An orgy of everything, prices are adjusted accordingly, it's another 2 meals at home. Pancakes are the size of a pizza.

      Quality is medium. Certainly not in the same league of Katz or 2nd Ave in the city.

      But many folks like huge portions, so the place is popular. It's the hook, and clever of the proprietor.

      1. Not Katz's (but what is). On my last few visits over the past couple of years, the Pastrami has been melt-in-your mouth outstanding. Better than anything I've ever had at Ben's. Comparable to Sarge's (which can be hit or miss).

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          I'm with you jsfein - Harold's pastrami is the best I've found in NJ. I also like their matzah ball soup, potato pancakes, and most everything I've had there. True too that their portions and prices are huge. Still the place I want to go for deli in central jersey.

        2. I've been to the Edison location - is the Harold's in East Rutherford/Lyndhurst owned by the same person?
          When my husband and I ate there - I was able to make 2 reubens and a large amount of corned beef hash with the leftovers. Yes, I know the price is high, but three meals out of leftovers is good to me!

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          1. re: phDuh

            not sure if they are the same owner. there is also one in Parsipanny I believe too

            1. re: yogi70

              Harold used to own those other locations.
              His usual method of doing business is to take over a failing coffee shop in a motel, turn it into a deli featuring oversized portions, and then--once the business is booming--sell that location and open another one.

              When he opened the location on Rt 18 in East Brunswick a few years ago, I assumed that he was selling the Edison location. However, the one in East Brunswick failed to attract sufficient clientele, and is now...Hooters (?)...or something of that ilk.

              As far as I know, the Edison location is the only one that he currently owns.

          2. I dunno. If Harold's made normal sized portions at normal prices, I don't think he would have half the success he has. The draw is the eating competition sizes. It's the subject of the table conversation for half the meal.

            I think the now-closed Larry's of Plainfield and also Tabatchnicks were way above Harold's in quality... Also people on CH absolutely RAVE about a place down by Princeton (Gary's?) that sounds worlds above Harold's as well.

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              Gary and Lenny's N.Y. Deli and Restaurant// 3331 US One// Lawrenceville NJ ten mins and 5 miles from Princeton. MY NEW YORK DELI.COM