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Apr 29, 2006 07:44 PM

Aire Global Cuisine at the CAMP

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Has anyone been to or heard anything about this restaurant? Apparently it has taken the over the old Lodge spot at the CAMP. The menu seems to follow the current small plates trend, with a diverse selection (as the name would suggest). Hard to tell how serious they will be about the food as they mention this conceptual theme that will include music and a DJ...


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. This is the first I've heard of it, but judging from the website I must say that I am skeptical. For instance:

    "AIRe is defined entirely by the idea that people no longer visit restaurants merely for food or drinks, but for entertainment—an experience. ... Both the restaurant and lounge will project a hip, yet sophisticated, environment in which guests can relax, knowing that by being at AIRe, they are being updated on the newest trends in culinary, wine, and music."

    Myself, I'm getting pretty sick of paying too much for "experience" at restaurants and would like more attention to good food, please. Same goes for being updated on the latest "trends in culinary." (Ouch, did I just cross the crotchety line there? Sorry.)

    That said, hey, I'm willing to give it a try! Unfortunately, I'm stuck home with an awful cough/cold, so I'm going nowhere for a while. Whoever goes first, let the rest of us know.

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      I was there last weekend. The food is amazing...small portions though

      1. re: Roxy

        Lousy Service, Poor Execution, Complicated Menu,just plain bad food.

        This place has terrible service and terrible food.
        Food is just plain awful, service is just plain bad.

        Have you ever had those experiences where you just think how does this place survive? That is this place, I just can’t see how they stay open. Nothing about it is good. I take that back, I was lured in by their cool website, it’s pretty cool. What you actually get when you arrive is so totally disappointing.

    2. The menu has completely changed since I have been there last, they COMPLETLEY remodled it, which also says somthing about the direction, but also shows they are trying. The only time I went, I enjoyed two of the 4 small plates.... those two are no longer on the menu, according to the website. Of the two that I didnt enjoy, the macaroni and cheese is still there.... I hope they remodled that as well
      Anyhow, I may go on SAT for the wine an cheese social, and I will report back on my findings.

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      1. re: Mr. S

        menu has really gone thru an overhaul. i think the only item i still recall is the bacon fried rice! place was good, but you go there for the vibe and noshing more than anything intimate and hearty.

      2. At there for a quick lunch today for the first time. Impressions as follows. Pleasantly modern, small dining room with a good-looking bar. Outdoor patio was very noisy during lunch time, as it is pressed right up against Bristol, a wide, busy street. Nice outdoor area, however; I am curious to know if they permit cigars out there.

        Food was just okay, but the menu was a very interesting read. We had:

        Falafel balls served with red-leaf lettuce dressed in a lemon vinaigrette, plain pita bread, a typical greek sauce, sliced cucumber, and crushed avocado (not guacamole, really, as it was not spicy). The flavors were good but the falafel was lost in rosemary.

        Kobe beef sliders, topped with waaaaaaaay too much garlic salt that overshadowed the flavor of the meat. Nice caramelized onions and basic aioli but the buns were nothing special.

        They have a nice beer list by the bottle (Delerium Tremens, Chimay, Arrogant Double Bastard, more) and a couple nice beers on tap (we had the Anderson Valley BrewCo Boont Amber, a personal favorite). The wine list was a bit obscure but had some nice-looking bottlings.

        Coffee afterward was weak -- possibly it had sat too long?

        Our server was great -- attentive and knowledgeable. She noted that they usually get a good crowd for dinner and drinks, and that Thursday through Saturday they get a pretty late bar crowd for the late menu and DJ. (This is why I was curious about cigars, incidentally.)

        I'd definitely consider going back for cocktails after work, and they did enough that I'll give the food another try, but I was not head over heels for this place.

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        1. Good, then Old Vine Cafe can expand into that space!