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Oct 26, 2011 09:03 PM

Oyster Shucker Needed! -- Where find?!

I'm looking for an insured caterer/ oyster shucker December 3 to work an event in Long Island City (2 people). 1.5 hours at a raw bar (oysters only), set up (display, sauces, lemons, etc) and clean up. Must have experience shucking oysters-- there will be approximately 500 oysters. I have oysters I'll receive from a sustainable source and friend on Long Island, but if you have your own source I'm open to a quote. If you're unable to work but know / have a lead please let me know!

I've called restaurants, asked caterers and I can't find anyone that does oysters!?

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  1. Brooklyn Oyster Party is a mobile shucking team. They're at Smorgasburg and Jimmy's No 43, but also do private events.

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      Thanks gots the rapid response, sadly, I asked, they're booked. :(

      1. re: staceybelle

        Try contacting a culinary school. I once attended a party where the shuckers were all culinary students.