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Oct 26, 2011 07:46 PM

Recipes to Riches on Food Network Canada

Has anyone been following this series and tried any of the "winning products" so far? I think there's a lemon dessert that's supposed to be in stores, and this weekend a peach cake as well? Wondering how they are and in which section they're found?

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  1. I got the lemon dessert but haven't tried it yet. It's a frozen product that comes as 4 individual servings, you bake them at home. I found them in the freezer in the bakery section, but there was also a big sign and display of them in the end section of one of those low open freezers further in the store.

    1. I started watching this show recently. I haven't tried any products yet but I will probably buy some.

      I imagine people will not be reading this having not caught up to the current episode so I will ask.... anyone know what happened with the winner of the "cookie" contest? It said at the end that due to events after the taping of the episode that she wouldn't be on the finale...

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        she has a relative that works with an affiliated company or something like that, so not eligible for the grand prize. I personally think the runner up had a better product for that episode, as well as the fish pie guy the week before.

      2. Although I kind of like the idea of the show, a bunch of meh from me on the products that have won so far. I have only tried one, the chicken/jalepeno app. It wasn't terrible, and I'm glad that I tried it, but I doubt that i would purchase it again. I have little interest in purchasing frozen prepared products though, and 4/5 of them were in a small dedicated freezer chest in my local Loblaw's. The packaging is cartoon-y and cheap looking, not at all close to what the contestents had worked on in their episodes. I didn't see the cookies anywhere. Too bad they didn't catch the ineligibility of the cookie contestant from the get go though to allow another product through- wonder why she didn'tdeclare it?

        1. I caught up again online.... The one thing that is standing out for me is that the marketing/event/promo company the show is using to help clients is horrible. In the latest episode they downplayed the use of the lobster and I feel were missing chance to use the "mac and cheese" approach to marketing it.

          I am watching the end right now.

          Overall, I think the show is a decent one for a background show (i.e. not a must see every week but something to have on in the background when I am doing other things :) )..

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          1. re: ylsf

            Haha that was hilarious. Completely agree the marketing company for the lobster mac and cheese was horrible. Tanked the product completely.

            I tried the chicken grenades only because it was miss-priced at the store, wouldn't have paid $8.49 for them. They were good. The fact that they were still raw was a pain for the general consumer but I liked being able to cook them properly at home.

            Overall the premise of the show is "meh". Don't really care one way or another. When I saw the commercials calling out for an across the country competition and then there was no stop between Toronto and Vancouver, yeah way to really involve the whole country.

            Doubt I'll watch the finale, has nothing to do with product, only how many friends and family the individuals got to vote for them. Another food network fizzle.

            1. re: piano boy

              My main issue with the show is that it seems like they're setting the contestants up to fail. I mean, if you want the products to succeed, give them a fighting chance -- not just 24 hours to throw together a flawed promo/focus group.

          2. Essentially, it's an hour-long commercial for the Loblaws/President's Choice corporation. The blending of a "contest" put on by a commercial interest and show that purports to be "entertainment" is frankly shocking to me....but I have to get over it. The show itself is at best a farce; having home cooks 'scale up' their recipes is only a pretext for some fake drama, with no basis in reality.