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Oct 26, 2011 05:39 PM


Reggie's, the little red trailer with the catfish and hushpuppies, fried pork chops and chicken gizzards that garnered so much praise a while back, seems to have risen from the dead just in time for Halloween. Coming back from dinner at another location, I spied it set up in the gravel lot at the corner of Manor Road and Airport. Having a car full of friends who had just eaten, I was unable stop and get details, but the plastic flags and chairs around the trailer suggest that it's open for business.

To refresh your memory, here's an old thread that talks about Reggie when he was at 12th and Chicon:

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  1. Wow, good news. Thanks, Alan. I sadly never made it to Reggie's so I look forward to tying it now. If anyone discovers the hours do let us know

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      Went by. Reggie was sitting out front. He introduced himself and shook my hand. I ordered the wing dinner. He recommended getting both the fries and the dirty rice. Said it would take 7 minutes .It did. 5 nice wing pieces three drums and two flappers. Tons of fries and dirty rice. Two pieces of thin buttered toast. Hot and good. Next time I'll try the fish or shrimp. He said he didn't have his boudin deilvery yet. Looks like afternoons then long hours Fri and Sat. Menu/hours attached. A little more than a mile off of 35 on Airport. A local character provided uh character. : )

      1. re: BTAustin

        Ok my (poor) picture got shrunk too much to read here's the info:

        Chicken Wing Dinner $7.00
        Fried Pork Chop Dinner $7.00
        Shrimp Dinner $7.00
        Deep Fried Pork Ribs $8.00
        Old Fashion Hamburger 6.00
        Cajun Style Bouidin $3.75
        All Dinners come with fries or Cajun rice and hot rolls
        Hours Tu Th 11-3
        Friday 11-3 and 7-3am
        Sat 3pm to 3 am
        Call in 512 484 0381
        2204 Airport Blvd 78721

    2. I haven't been yet, but I drive by everyday on my way to school. I think the grand opening was a couple of weekends ago because they had a DJ set up out front and a bunch of guests. I tried to find it on Yelp before I searched these boards and it sounds like the food should be worth a visit. I'll try and remember to post in here with some information when I make it down there. Fried catfish and dirty rice sounds awesome right now.

      1. Outstanding news! Thanks for the update!

        1. thanks alan sudo, we went, full report is up, appreciate the tip, Reggie is stil the king